Big Brother Battle Back Competition: Producers confirm Jury Competition

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 13 episode include two evictions. (Haleigh Broucher Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 13 episode include two evictions. (Haleigh Broucher Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother Battle Back time has nearly arrived. While there had been a number of rumors about a Battle Back Competition, it has finally been confirmed on social media.

It’s happening. A Jury Battle Back has been confirmed by producers. Big Brother 20 host Julie Chen hinted at the end of the August 23 episode that the next evicted houseguest might not be joining the BB20 jury. This got social media buzzing a bit. Now, on Saturday (August 25), a confirmation has been given on social media. As seen in the video below, a Big Brother Battle Back Competition is slated to take place soon. It could even be next Thursday night (August 30).

What is a Big Brother Battle Back?

A Big Brother Battle Back Competition is when people who have been evicted from the house get a chance to return. It appears that the first four members of the BB20 jury will get to take part in a competition or a series of competitions to re-join the game. It gives someone a second chance at the $500,000 prize this season, even if it will be difficult for one of them to overtake the Level Six alliance.

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Battle Back Competition participants

Bayleigh Dayton, Angie Lantry (Rockstar), and Scottie Salton are the first three people who will take part in the Jury Competition. They will get joined by a fourth person, set to be evicted on Thursday night. Once that eviction takes place, the four people will be able to compete for a spot in the game again.

In the past, producers have combined competitions in order to make it more interesting. For instance, with one Big Brother Battle Back Competition, everyone participated in an Endurance Challenge. The jury member to last the longest in the challenge would get a second chance at the game. They could also become the Head of Household if they also beat everyone still in the house. There was also a season where a series of competitions took place, where the evicted houseguests battled it out in stages to decide who would eventually return. Victor Arroyo was the houseguest who succeeded in that quest.

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Stay tuned folks, because more information about the Big Brother Battle Back Competition should get revealed by host Julie Chen and the show producers very soon. The expectation is that it will all take place on August 30, though some of it might finish on the live feeds after that Thursday night episode of Big Brother 20. Can the houseguest who gets a second chance win the $500,000 prize this summer?