Big Brother 20 drama: JC Mounduix kisses sleeping Tyler, harasses Haleigh in bathroom

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who did JC nominate for eviction? (JC Mounduix Photo: Screengrabs/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who did JC nominate for eviction? (JC Mounduix Photo: Screengrabs/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 drama surrounding houseguest JC Mounduix has continued this week. It has even led to an online petition asking for his expulsion from the game while placing accusations of sexual harassment.

BB20 cast member JC Mounduix is in hot water again for his behavior in the house. Earlier in the season, he stirred up controversy for his use of the N-word as well as the inappropriate touching of several female houseguests. A lot of online subscribers called it sexual assault, but the production team allowed him to stay in the game after speaking with him. Now, some new Big Brother 20 drama about JC has come up.

JC inappropriately touches, kisses Tyler

In the early morning hours of Wednesday (August 29), JC was seen acting inappropriately toward Tyler Crispen. While Tyler was sleeping on the live feeds, JC could be seen caressing Tyler’s face, chest, and arm. At one point, JC even kissed Tyler’s armpit. Remember, this all took place while Tyler was sleeping, raising a lot of red flags. This footage is still viewable on the overnight live feeds. During the day on Wednesday, Tyler could be seen speaking to Kaycee Clark and stating he would not be sharing a bed with JC that night.

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More Big Brother 20 drama from JC – Haleigh gets harassed

On Wednesday night, JC tried to pull a “prank” on Haleigh Broucher while she was using the restroom. He intentionally barged in on her and attempted to prop the door open while she was using the toilet. She screamed for production to help her while JC was doing this and a short time later the live feeds were down. It was confirmed on social media that Haleigh officially complained to producers about JC’s behavior.

Tyler has not given a formal complaint about what took place in the bed, but he has been made aware of what happened. On Thursday morning (August 30), production reportedly met with JC, possibly giving him a last chance to get his behavior under control. It was also noted by online leaker REALvegas4sure that if Tyler did complain about the inappropriate touching, that JC could get expelled from the game.

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As of the publishing of this article on the afternoon of August 30, JC Mounduix is still a part of the BB20 cast. If someone in the cast actually went to the production team and asked for the expulsion of JC, that could change the entire dynamic. As it stands, JC is quickly becoming one of the most-disliked houseguests of the Big Brother 20 season. The next episode of the show is on August 30, where a lot of social media users hope the controversy is addressed.