Mr. Robot: What we want to see from the final season


Mr. Robot is approaching it’s fourth and final season. Creator Sam Esmail had an end in mind when the show started, but we don’t know much about his plans.

Mr. Robot is one of those shows that makes you think about everything. The state of the world, how we treat others, relationships in general and so much more have been touched on in the first three seasons of the show. It’s hard not to wonder what could be in store for the show’s fourth and final season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, season 4 will begin right where the previous season left off. This means we’ll see what happens in the aftermath of Elliot sending the email to reverse 5/9. Season 3 was full of chaos and was pretty gripping. Even though numbers have declined for the show, the fans are a vocal group. As a (not-quite-as-vocal) fan myself, there are some things I’d like to see in season 4.

More Whiterose

B.D. Wong has been a highlight of Mr. Robot with his performance of Whiterose. There’s still a good amount of mystery surrounding the character and we need to see more of her. Whiterose knows a great deal and with the way things are going for Elliot, there will be consequences to his actions. Could we see Whiterose dish out some of those consequences? I hope so.

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Social commentary

Mr. Robot started before Donald Trump became president, and while I’m not big on politics myself, you can bet the show will continue to include social commentary on the current state of things. It largely tied into big companies having too much power at the start, but it’s evolved into something much more than that.


People have died in Mr. Robot, that’s no secret, but it feels there needs to be some sort of bigger consequence for Elliot. I mentioned the chance that Whiterose could dish out some sort of punishment, but it’ll be interesting to see if Elliot loses anyone close to him. Will Angela and Darlene make it to the end of season 4?

We’ve seen the hackers die, but Elliot didn’t have too much of an attachment to them due to the fact that he doesn’t really have an attachment to many people in general. It’ll take him losing someone like Angela or Darlene for it to have a huge impact. However, there’s also the option that he doesn’t make it out of the situation alive either.

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With sparse details on season 4 at the moment, these are just some vague guesses based on it picking up where season 3 left off. Production begins this winter and the season will release next year, so we have a bit of time before we even see any footage. Hopefully more details will come up before then, though, because I’m excited to see how the show will wrap things up.