Go back to school with these five Simpsons episodes

Lisa and Mr. Bergstrom. Courtesy of 20th Century.
Lisa and Mr. Bergstrom. Courtesy of 20th Century. /

Spend Labor Day weekend watching these hilarious back to school episodes of The Simpsons!

For many schools have either started or will start the day after Labor Day. Students and teachers everywhere are probably wondering where has summer gone. So to get laughing again and ease into a new school year, watch these five back to school Simpsons episodes.

1. Bart the Genius (Season 1, Episode 2) 

Bart the Genius is about well Bart, who ends up switching his I.Q. test with brainy schoolmate Martin Prince. Since his test scores were high, everyone (Lisa, like always can see through him) thinks that Bart is a genius and that’s why he acts out. The school’s psychologist then suggests that Bart goes to the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children. Eventually, after being mocked by the other gifted kids and ostracized by his Springfield Elementary friends, Bart must confess.

2. Bart Gets An “F”  (Season 2, Episode 1) 

Bart Gets An “F “ is another Bart and school-related episode. This time if Bart fails again he will have to repeat the fourth grade (any kid’s worst nightmare). He has to pass his history test. Personally, this is one of the more iconic Bart episodes from the series. It also shows that he does get serious once in a while with his studies.

3. Lisa’s Substitute Season 2, Episode 19) 

Mr. Bergstrom comes to teach Lisa’s second-grade class after her teacher gets “Lyme disease.” Lisa becomes absolutely smitten with the substitute teacher. A little fun fact about this episode is that Dustin Hoffman did the voice of Mr. Bergstrom but didn’t want to use his real name in the credits.  Lisa’s Substitute is one of the more sentimental Simpsons episodes as well as an iconic Lisa episode. There is also a subplot in the episode where Bart is trying to run for class president.

4. Homer Goes to College (Season 5, Episode 3)

Homer must complete a nuclear physics class to keep his job at the Power Plant. Because of the movies that Homer watches (one being The School of Hard Knockers) he believes that the stereotypes are true. Well in true Homer fashion, he ends up needing tutoring. The tutors end up being three computer nerds, Benjamin, Doug, and Gary. Instead of studying, Homer decides that pranks are more fun (so that’s where Bart gets it from) and tries to “teach” the nerds that. It’s one of the funniest episodes of the series.

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5. Yokel Chords (Season 18, Episode 14)

Yokel Chords sees both Bart and Lisa dealing with school issues. Bart didn’t get a lunch, so he tells the other kids about Dark Stanley. After the situation, Bart has to go to a therapist. Lisa finds out that Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers aren’t keen on having the Spuckler Children (the kids of Cletus and Brandine), at Springfield Elementary. In the end, Lisa decides to be their teacher, but Krusty gets in the way after hearing the kids sing. The Dark Stanley story alone is a reason to watch this episode!

For those who are interested in watching any of these episodes can check them out at Simpsons World. It’s available on the FXNow App and all you need to do is sign in to a participating TV provider.

So what other school episodes of The Simpsons would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!