Sideshow Bob Recap: Sideshow Bob Roberts

Sideshow Bob Roberts. Courtesy of Fox/20th Century Fox.
Sideshow Bob Roberts. Courtesy of Fox/20th Century Fox. /

Sideshow Bob decides to go into politics and become the Mayor of Springfield!

It’s that time again for another Sideshow Bob recap, this time it’s the episode Sideshow Bob Roberts. The episode is from season six and is episode five. So it starts off with Homer listening to radio host Birch Barlow (he’s a parody of Rush Limbaugh) at work.

Lisa is also listening to Birch Barlow for a class project. While both her and Homer are in the car she asks if they can change the station, but Homer refuses because it’s his car. She does drive to listen to her music, but they switch back.

Anyway, Sideshow Bob calls in the show and Lisa recognizes his voice. She runs to Bart and tells him that his mortal enemy is on the radio. He thinks its Dr. Demento, but Lisa tells him his other mortal enemy Sideshow Bob.

So Birch Barlow pressures Mayor Quimby to release Sideshow Bob from prison. He also helps Bob run for mayor against Quimby. Bob does end up winning even after Bart and Lisa try to help Quimby win.

So the new mayor decides that the Simpson home is blocking his new Matlock Expressway. Bart also is made to go back to Kindergarten.

Lisa doesn’t believe that Sideshow Bob won the election legally, so she goes to the Springfield Hall of Records. While she’s there Smithers secretly gives her a note to meet him in a parking lot. He tells Bart and Lisa that he worked on the campaign and they are on the right path. He helps them because he doesn’t like Bob’s ultraconservative views.

Bart and Lisa go through the names again and find that some of the people who “voted” for Sideshow Bob are actually dead. Lisa also finds out that they used her cat Snowball I to vote too.

Bob goes on trial because of election fraud and he ends up being found guilty after admitting that it was all his plan. The episode ends with Sideshow Bob being sent to the Springwood Minimum Security Prison.

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So Sideshow Bob Roberts is the perfect episode to watch especially in our crazy political climate.  Believe it or not, you will find some similarities in Sideshow Bob Roberts as you would in your local newspaper.

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