Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 9 episode include an engagement

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 9 episode include an engagement. (Kaycee Clark Photo: Screengrab/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 9 episode include an engagement. (Kaycee Clark Photo: Screengrab/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 had a new episode on Sunday night. The September 9 episode confirmed a number of spoilers from the past week, including who Head of Household Kaycee Clark had nominated for eviction.

During the “previously on Big Brother” segment, the showmance between Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans was shown again. Scottie Salton was then shown getting evicted (again) from the BB20 house. The end of the September 6 episode had Kaycee Clark winning the latest HOH Competition. With that power, she would need to nominate two people for eviction. That would become the focal point for Episode 33 of Big Brother 20.

Diary Room sessions

Kaycee was very excited during her first Diary Room session of the night. She said that there “is no stopping me now” in the game. Brett Robinson was extremely close to winning and he noted that in his own DR. He spoke about how it would have been a good week to stir the pot. Tyler was also excited that this would guarantee him a spot in the final six of the season.

Week 11 nominees plan

Kaycee met with Angela and discussed who she would be putting up on the block this week. For anyone watching the show recently, this was a pretty predictable moment. Haleigh Broucher was going up on the block for nominating Kaycee as the BB Hacker. At least that was what Kaycee planned to say, but a Level Six plan has been in place for a while now.

Kaycee gets an HOH letter

In her basket of goodies for winning the Head of Household Competition, Kaycee got a letter from her brother. He asked her to stand next to him as the best man at his upcoming wedding. She told him “yes” to the cameras. Everyone in the BB20 cast applauded for her.

Sam as a Big Brother 20 pawn

Kaycee wanted to put Sam Bledsoe on the block next to Haleigh Broucher, but decided she needed to warn her about becoming a pawn. Kaycee went to Sam a bit later, telling her that Haleigh was the main target of the week. Sam seemed to take it well, but only time would tell if the pawn was going to be safe for the week.

Big Brother 20 Luxury Competition?

Former Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel walked in the front door, feeling she was hosting a Luxury Competition. Instead, Victor Arroyo, her boyfriend, appeared on the television screen in the living room. He broke down their friendship, how they had met during Big Brother 18, and how their relationship had then grown outside of the house. Victor then came into the BB20 house.

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The houseguests got to see it on the HOH Room cameras, as Victor got down on one knee and proposed to Nicole. She said “yes, of course,” and they became engaged. Then, a lot of former houseguests, like Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian, Daniele Donato, and Derrick Levasseur came in the front door to help them celebrate. Finally, the excited BB20 cast was invited to come downstairs to meet everyone. Here is a Big Brother 18 recap for viewers who may need to be reminded of what took place that season.

Nomination Ceremony

At the Week 11 Nomination Ceremony, there wasn’t any drama left to present, as it had been hinted at all episode which houseguests would end up on the block. Kaycee Clark nominated Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe for eviction. They would have a chance to fight for their lives in the game during the Veto Competition that would follow it. As a reminder, there is also going to be a Double Eviction coming up, meaning things could get really exciting soon.

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That brings an end to the September 9 Big Brother 20 recap. Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe are on the block. During the September 12 episode, the next Power of Veto Competition will be shown and on September 13, at least one of them is heading to the BB20 jury house.