The Purge season 1, episode 2 recap: Take What’s Yours

Gabriel Chavarria in The Purge / Photo by: Patti Perret/USA Network
Gabriel Chavarria in The Purge / Photo by: Patti Perret/USA Network /

In episode 2 of The Purge, Miguel continues his quest for Penelope while Jane begins to question her motives. Here’s a recap for Take What’s Yours.

Welcome to the Purge. In episode 2, we begin to see how each character reacts to the opening hours of the violent night. Miguel is on the run to find Penelope, who may be doubting her beliefs about sacrifice. Jane begins to question her morals, Rick and Jenna are caught up in a love triangle, and a new masked figure is on the loose.

Here is a recap for episode 2 of The Purge titled, “Take What’s Yours.”

Miguel runs the gauntlet to find Penelope

Miguel is on the move as the Purge is officially underway. As he drives around with his night vision goggles, Miguel stops to help a medical group administering first aid to the wounded. While there, the medical team tells Miguel that a man named Pete the Cop might know how to locate Penelope’s blue bus.

After Miguel leaves the group, he is soon stopped by a group of men with weapons and guns. The men take Miguel as prisoner and make him run “The Gauntlet,” a television show where one unlucky person, Miguel in this case, has to run through an alley while avoiding gunshots, knife-wielding purgers, and saw blades. Despite being wounded, Miguel is able to successfully complete The Gauntlet thanks to his marine background. Miguel wins a car and drives to Pete the Cop’s location, but upon arrival, Pete is very dismissive and ignores Miguel.

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Penelope loses a friend

It seems like there are members of the cult who are having second thoughts. While on the blue bus, Penelope’s friend, Melissa, wants no part of being a human sacrifice anymore. Despite reassurance from Penelope that what she is doing is right, Melissa begs to differ and wants to live.

However, Good Leader Tavis selects Melissa to be the next sacrifice and despite Penelope offering herself instead of Melissa, the decision is final. Melissa, who is begging for mercy and crying, is dragged off the bus and thrown into the hands of her killers as Penelope looks on with horror.

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Jane’s no-so-little-secret is revealed

After exchanging money with her assassin, Bracka (AzMarie Livingston), Jane witnesses a murder, which visibly frighten her. While she makes her way back up to the 38th, Alison sneaks into Jane’s office and opens her laptop, where she most likely viewed Jane’s plan to assassinate her boss, David Ryker. When Janes gets back to her office, Alison hints that it is ok to purge and sometimes, it’s a necessary action. Alison also mentions how David should not have passed over Jane for a promotion and how she would understand if David was on Jane’s purge wishlist, but Jane quickly strikes that idea down, saying she does not purge as she begins to question her morals.

The flashbacks this episode were centered around Jane and her upbringing in the company. At first, David is excited to hire Jane and suggests that she could one day become a partner of the firm. However, David’s true colors begin to show as he examines Jane’s body closely as well as hug another employee Anya for a long amount of time. David attempts to make an advance on her, but Jane politely declines. Because of this, David makes Jane work late instead of attending a party, which was the nail in the coffin for Jane and her realization that she will never become partner. In another flashback, Jane is seen at a park discussing her assassination plan with Bracka. There is no turning back.

Rick and Jenna are in a love triangle

When we last saw Rick and Jenna, the purge party with elitists and NFFA members just started and a woman from the couple’s past, Lila, made her presence known. Lila talks to both Rick and Jenna separately with a manipulative look on her face. With Rick, Lila suggests that her father, Mr. Stanton, would not be so quick to support Jenna’s housing project if he knew about their sexual encounter. After the interaction, Rick is called over by Mr. Stanton, where they begin to discuss business.

Lila’s interaction with Jenna is the complete opposite of what happened with Rick. The women talk by a pool, where Lila is very hands-on with Jenna, which culminates in the two sharing kisses. At first, Jenna is against the kiss, but she begins to accept it more, perhaps suggesting that their relationship is not over. The love triangle between Rick, Jenna, and Lila is underway.

The masked figure is introduced

Episode 2 introduced a new character, who will go by the masked figure (Lee Tergensen) for now. This figure is no ordinary person. For starters, the person wore their mask the entire time they were on screen. While sitting in a dark kitchen, the figure made sandwiches and listened to pro-Purge motivational tapes. The final shot of the episode displays the masked figure walking out of his armored car with a weapon at a woman’s house. Expect to learn more about the masked figure’s plans next week.

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Tune in next week for episode 3!

The Purge airs on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on USA Network.