Big Brother App Store a complete failure this season

Big Brother 21: Bringing back BB App Store could work. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 21: Bringing back BB App Store could work. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

The Big Brother App Store seemed like a good idea when it was introduced. Instead, it ended up being a complete failure during the 2018 summer season.

Feeding into a tech theme for Season 20, producers introduced the Big Brother App Store this summer. It was pretty simple in concept, as the most-trending houseguest each week would gain a secret power. The least-trending houseguest would receive a punishment, adding a bit of humor to some of the episodes and on the live feeds. None of the powers really got used, though, with the whole premise turning in to a dud during its implementation.

Recapping the Big Brother App Store

The way it worked, was that someone within the BB20 cast would become the most-trending houseguest based on online polling. That person was then given a choice of powers that they could use in the game. It had the potential to really shake things up and add some real twists and turns to how the season progressed. Three houseguests were awarded powers and none of them got used.

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Most-trending houseguests

The houseguests that received the secret powers were Sam Bledsoe, Bayleigh Dayton, and Tyler Crispen. Sam had a chance to save someone from an eviction, Bayleigh had the power to change the nominees of any Head of Household, and Tyler had the power to declare that he was safe from going on the block at one Nomination Ceremony or Veto Meeting.

Sam decided not to use her power in the four weeks she was allowed, Bayleigh got evicted without ever using her power, and Tyler never felt enough at-risk to actually use his safety net. Due to Sam not using her power, it did allow Kaitlyn Herman a shot at getting back in the BB20 house, but she failed miserably at putting together a simple puzzle.

It seemed like this could be a good idea, but it just never worked out well. Maybe it’s something that producer will re-visit in the future, but it might not be well-accepted by viewers due to how it turned out the first time.

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The Big Brother 20 season finale is coming up quickly, with the CBS schedule stating that it is on September 26. If the final few weeks of the season and the finale episode are exciting, viewers might soon forget about the BB App Store anyway.