30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry

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Grey's Anatomy
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If there’s one thing Shonda Rhimes can make you do, it’s cry. Need to let the emotions out? These are the 30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes you need to watch.

Shonda Rhimes is the queen of making you feel every emotion possible. It all started with Grey’s Anatomy, a show that made it clear from the very beginning that this wasn’t going to be all about great saves. There were going to be some heartbreaking moments.

Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to patients, doctors, and epic loves of characters’ lives. Some have been because they’ve chosen to move on but more often than not after Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, it’s been due to death or near-death experiences.

Why Season 5? That’s the first time we lost a main character to death. The finale saw the death of George O’Malley, one that still makes many of us cry our hearts out and wish it turned out the guy hit by a bus was someone else.

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However, while the fifth season was the first death of a main character, we had many losses and heartbreaking moments before that. You’ll find a number of episodes from between the first and fifth season on this list.

The great news about the series is that when you do need a good cry, it’s there for you. If you want to let the tears and emotions out, Grey’s Anatomy has plenty of episodes to tune in for. Which ones are the best? Here are the 30 Grey’s Anatomy episodes sure to make you cry up until the Season 14 finale.