Grey’s Anatomy: 15 greatest doctors of all-time

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Grey's Anatomy

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Greatest Grey’s Anatomy Doctors – No. 15: Dr. Ellis Grey

Why does Ellis Grey make the list? Because if there was no Ellis there would be no Meredith.

I’m only messing; that’s not the only reason, although it’s certainly true. If Ellis hadn’t been the way she was with Meredith, taking her to the hospital when she was little, pushing her to be the best she could be, etc, then we wouldn’t have the legend we have.

That aside, it’s Ellis’ remarkable career that earned her a spot on this list. It certainly wasn’t her personality; that sucked.

Ellis Grey’s career was something that you would expect to turn up in surgeon’s fairy tales. Rising up through the ranks as a surgeon and constantly fighting against sexism and oppression, she showed everyone that they were wrong about her, and made them look like idiots in the process.

Ellis may have had the personality of a pineapple on a pizza, but she was a damn good surgeon. She proved to everyone that a woman could become not only a great surgeon but a Harper-Avery surgeon, not once but twice. She was someone for female surgeons to look up to. It was just such a shame that Alzheimer’s stole that brilliant mind.

Say what you want about not liking her as a person, but you can’t deny Ellis Grey is one of the greatest doctors on Grey’s Anatomy.

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