25 greatest one-season shows of all-time

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The Brave

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Say hello to the 25 greatest one-season shows of all-time

It does have some of the usual suspects on here though, I couldn’t leave them all out, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had enough one-season shows to write about. But, there are some on here that you will have never heard of before or have never seen featured on a list like this before.

However, before we get started with the list we need to set some ground rules. If you have read any of my previous list posts before, you will know I like to set rules in order to make things clear about what qualifies as an eligible show and what doesn’t.

If you have never read any of my lists before then that’s fine. I’m not surprised really, they are extremely dull to read and filled with typos, but for some reason, my editor still hasn’t fired me and keeps giving me new titles to work on.

Anyway, I digress, a lot. Back to rules. So really simple, in order to qualify for consideration on this list, a show had to last for one season and one season only. Whether it was created with the intention of only lasting one season, a.k.a a mini-series, or was canceled after one season, it can feature on this list.

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If it returned for a second season or more, no matter the amount of time between the seasons, or if it was canceled then uncanceled like NBC’s Timeless, it is not eligible. Anthology series do no count as well, as much as I would love to include each individual season of American Horror Story, because technically, in a way they are one-season shows, I can’t. However, those with only one season and then a finale movie to wrap up loose ends can be considered.

Ok, so are we all good with this one? Rules are, it has to be a TV show that lasted one season, either intentional or due to cancellation, and that is it, but if it did receive a movie finale that’s ok.

Right, let’s get going then. Here are the 25 greatest one-season shows of all-time.

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