Chicago Fire recap: Severide searches for an ally for Boden

CHICAGO FIRE -- "A Volatile Mixture"-- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
CHICAGO FIRE -- "A Volatile Mixture"-- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

With tensions increasing in the firehouse, Severide turns to an unlikely ally in hope of getting support for Boden. Here’s everything that happened in Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 5.

Gorsch is still causing problems at Firehouse 51. Did we really think anything differently? Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 5, titled “A Volatile Mixture,” picks up with Gorsch upset that he wasn’t consulted when Herrmann bounced one of 51’s members. That quickly sets up the storyline for the week.

Meanwhile, Severide turns to an unlikely person for an ally for Boden. Here’s everything that happened this week.

Who’s leaving the bad reviews?

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Kidd, Herrmann, and Otis have a problem. Molly’s is bleeding money right now and they can’t figure out why. Of course, they all blame each other, but Emily points out that there are bad reviews everywhere. Who’s leaving them and why?

Right now, that’s not Otis’ concern. He just wants to counter the bad with the good and offers to write his own review. If only that’s how it all worked! Eventually, they do start talking about who it is and figure it must be a regular.

It was a regular after all and Herrmann promises a seat in the same spot every night if he stops. Will he stop though?

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The trailer park fire

The first callout of the night is to a trailer park, where Casey knocks on one of the trailers to find out if anyone is in there. A hand hits the window, making it clear there’s a victim. It doesn’t take too long to cut a new door in the trailer and get the victim out.

This callout leads to Naomi Graham visiting the firestation. She believes that innocent people are being killed in the trailer park and wants to figure out how. All the fires are happening in the same part of the kitchen in the same make and model of trailers. Yeah, that looks suspicious.

When Casey does try to do his research, Naomi offers a guy money for his fridge. It completely throws off the investigation to figure out what in the kitchen is causing these fires. Fortunately, the buying of the fridge did end up helping. There’s a manufacturer’s fault in the fridge like Naomi believed, and now she has proof.

Gorsch on the offensive

After being annoyed that he wasn’t made aware that someone was bounced, Gorsch goes on the offensive. When he finds Ritter’s bunker pants in the middle of the floor, Gorsch makes it clear he needs to be written up. Of course, Herrmann doesn’t want to after the way Ritter acted on a call.

It’s clear that Gorsch is trying to get Boden to snap. Herrmann needs to stop squaring off. It’s not just Gorsch in all this but Grissom.

What also doesn’t help is Boden siding with Casey on the trailer park research. It should be hte fire chief investigating, but Boden wants Casey to handle it even though Gorsch says he shouldn’t. Boden has realized that Gorsch isn’t the real problem. This is all about Grissom.

Boden decides to talk to the Commissioner and literally waits for him, even though he’s told the Commissioner isn’t available until Thanksgiving. Gonna sit until then? Nah, only until the end of the day. The Commissioner has avoided him be sneaking out of the back door. Well, that’s mature!

The next day, Gorsch threatens Boden with his job. He goes as far as suggesting that Boden steps back from running the firehouse and takes an administrative job. Gorsch may not be a good firefighter, but he’s a good lap dog. Boden doesn’t follow Gorsch’s advice in the end and remains with Firehouse 51.

Cruz overhears everything and lets the firehouse know all about it. Of course, Casey feels like all this is on him, but Severide knows it’s on Grisson. Now Severide needs to find a way to help Boden and he goes to the one person who may be able to get through to Grissom: Benny.

Yes, Severide’s dad is back, but it doesn’t go too well. Benny is still angry about being called a “scared old man” six months ago. Yeah, that makes sense. Now can Benny just be the better man and agree to help Boden? Okay, Severide telling Benny that Boden was the father he never had doesn’t help, but c’mon, this is Boden!

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Odd notes:

  • Brett confronts the doctor who stood Emily up. It turns out the doctor is a woman and Emily is a lesbian. After the initial shock from Brett (more that she just assumed), she moves on.
  • There’s something forming between Matt and Naomi. This is just too soon, though.
  • In the end, Emily and Brett make up after Brett’s mistake. Looks like these two are the new BFFs.
  • This is clearly not over between Boden and Grissom but which side will Gorsch end up being on? Why do I get the feeling he’ll eventually figure out that Boden is the good guy but it’ll be too late by that point?

What did you think of Chicago Fire this week? Are you ready for the war between Boden and Grissom? Will Benny help? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.