Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in Season 10, Episode 5

Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

During a road trip with her father, Grace reveals her #MeToo secret while Will and Karen battle to be Jack’s best man in another cathartic Will & Grace.

As everyone well knows, the wheels that set the Will & Grace revival in motion were made of political rage. Fresh off of the presidential election, the gang got back together to skewer the current administration, and there might not be a better sitcom, past or present, to do so. But as the dust settles, the comedy seems to have replaced its anger with healing.

Last week, Will and Grace revisited their past and repaired the pieces of their relationship that had never been tended to. It was a beautiful moment for LGBTQ+ stories to be heard, and in this week’s episode, the sitcom strips away any pretenses to be a loud and unwavering voice for the #MeToo movement.

Let’s recap the latest episode of Will & Grace with the gang’s five sickest burns!

1. “Wow, if I could do that to myself, I could delete my Grindr account.”

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Grace receives an invite from her father to drive to Schenectady to visit her mother’s grave, as well as Martin’s late buddy Harry. Not wanting to be stuck in a car with her dad for three hours, Grace asks Will to help get her out of it, but he purposefully ignores Grace’s plan to invent a “thing,” and he fails to mention she’d be missing Jack’s engagement brunch. Let’s just say he sure got a phone-ful of Grace’s snarky text messages.

2. “Your best friend is in the basement of the White House trying to tunnel her way out with the heel of her Jimmy Choo.”

Speaking of Jack’s engagement brunch, Will and Karen join him at Miss Coco’s bar for the special celebration, where Will and Karen soon find themselves fighting over who’s paying the bill. They both contend that Jack is their best friend, but Will slaps Karen with the reality check of her actual BFF’s current status. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to settle the score with a swipe of their credit card. Jack reveals he’s chosen them both to be his best man.

Will & Grace Season 10
Photo Credit: Will & Grace/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

3. “The wicked witch monologue… straight out of the Bible.”

Miss Coco suggests a lip sync monologue battle to determine who will be Jack’s sole best man, and Will and Karen accept the challenge. A lip-sync monologue battle is like Jimmy Fallon’s lip-sync battles but wonderfully gayer.

First up, Will spins the wheel and must take on the infamous “Leave Britney alone!” monologue. Next up, Karen slides into the role she was meant to play with the “I’ll get you, my pretty!” monologue from The Wizard of Oz. Again, it’s a draw.

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4. “I know your glasses look dirty, but it’s just the water.”

Grace and Martin’s road trip gets off to an awkward start when Grace struggles to find something to talk about in the car. But when they stop to grab a bite to eat at a diner, there’s plenty to talk about. Grace tells her father not to flirt with the waitress, which makes a sore subject worse when Martin brings up visiting Harry. She refuses, and Martin doesn’t understand why.

When she was 15, Grace worked for Harry. As the story goes, Martin went out of his way to get her the job, but she stole money and quit. Finally, she reveals the truth, explaining Harry’s sexual assault in graphic detail. She stole money for a cab ride home.

Martin covers his ears and coils in disbelief at hearing that Grace had to “split [herself] into two people” to recover. He assumes the one person Grace told was Will, but it was her mother, who believed her.

5. “Isn’t marriage just some weird thing straight guys came up with as a way to own a woman?”

To crown who will be Jack’s best man, Will and Karen compete in a “Jack-off,” a trivia game meant to prove who knows their best friend best. When the game gets heated and hurtful, Jack decides to disavow tradition, since tradition is just a nine letter word. He’ll have two best men, which at the end of the day is better than one.

Grace rejoins the gang at home and looks as though a 30-year weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Once again, Will & Grace makes bold and necessary statements, speaking up and making sometimes hard to hear stories heard.

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