The Purge Season 1, Episode 10 recap: A Nation Reborn

Lee Tergesen, Hannah Emily Anderson, and Colin Woodell in The Purge / Photo Credit: 2018 USA Network Media, LLC
Lee Tergesen, Hannah Emily Anderson, and Colin Woodell in The Purge / Photo Credit: 2018 USA Network Media, LLC /

In The Purge season finale, did Joe complete his trial or did Miguel and Pete interfere just in time to save the day? Find out in the recap for episode 10.

After 11 hours of violence, only one hour remains before the conclusion of Purge Night. Penelope, Rick, and Jenna have still yet to be tried by Joe while Miguel and Pete continue to inch closer to the school.

Will Miguel and Pete make it in time to save Penelope’s life? Below is a recap for The Purge Episode 10 titled, “A Nation Reborn.”

The final countdown

One hour is left for the annual purge, but there is still a lot of loose ends and unfinished business. After killing Jane last episode, Joe calls Rick and Jenna to the stand. In a flashback, Joe and Rick were once business partners as Rick hired Joe to install security on his new buildings. However, when another business deal goes awry, Rick finds a loophole out of the contract and refuses to pay Joe.

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After initially refusing to admit the truth, Rick finally confesses to his crime, saying “everyone screws everyone, all the way down the line.” Jenna is disappointed in Rick but understands why Rick did what he did.

Instead of killing Rick himself, Joe hands Jenna a gun and says that he will spare her life and the baby’s life if she kills her husband. After Rick begs Jenna to pull the trigger, she finally pulls it, but no shots come out. It was an empty gun.

Speaking of loose ends, Penelope finds a loose screw in the cage and begins to untangle herself from captivity. When she finally sets herself free, Penelope holds one of her fellow captives hostage, saying it is her right to purge. Rattled, Joe enters the cage to try and stop Penelope from purging. In a shocking scene, Penelope stabs Joe right in the eye with a screw and escapes the auditorium along with Rick and Jenna.

While this is going on, Miguel and Pete are in a battle for Rex the cowboy and his crew. One by one, Pete and Miguel begin to kill members of Rex’s crew. The duo finally makes it to the school, but soon realizes it’s rigged with explosives everywhere. Pete decides to create a diversion by luring Rex and the rest of his crew into a courtyard, where a bomb has been placed. The trap works and the explosion kills Rex and his crew while Miguel and Pete move into the school to find Penelope.

While in the school, Miguel and Pete run into Rick and Jenna. As they lower their weapons, a surviving member of Rex’s crew enters the room and begins firing his weapon. In the aftermath of this attack, the crew member dies, but Pete is shot in the leg and Rick is fatally wounded.

Meanwhile, with minutes left in Purge Night, Penelope tries to escape through the pool room but is caught by Joe. Joe begins to recite how it’s his right to purge and how it will cleanse his soul. Penelope rebukes Joe’s claim of righteousness and states that purging will not fix anything and that she is not afraid to die.

Just as Joe attempts to pull the trigger, Miguel enters the room and fires a shot at Joe. A battle ensues until the Purge alarm goes off, signaling the end of the night. When Joe states that he will hunt the duo down again next year, Miguel takes matters into his own hands and fatally shoots Joe, kicking him into the pool and killing him.

The episode ends with a flash forward to one year later on Purge Night. Jenna is in Paris with her baby as she watches the news report that Purge Night could come to Europe eventually. Miguel and Penelope visit Pete’s bar and bond over a drink. As the next Purge starts, Miguel and Penelope decide to help people instead of killing them as they drive off in an ambulance to save innocent victims.

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That wraps up The Purge Season 1Before the finale premiered, a second season of The Purge was announced. Will you tune in for season 2? Leave your thoughts about the finale in the comments below or tweet me @danny_giro.