Supernatural mystery box 4 review: The best box I’ve had so far

Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

CultureFly’s fourth Supernatural mystery box is here. Here’s a look at everything inside with my thoughts on the products.

After seeing the items that came from the first CultureFly Supernatural mystery box, I decided to get the second. It’s no secret that I was disappointed but the third one was good. Now I’ve glad I kept the subscription because I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the items in the fourth box.

This is definitely the best box I’ve had so far. I would have loved to get the first (or some of the items from the first) but this fourth box has made up for the disappointing second one. There’s only one item that I don’t like and two items that are mediocre out of all eight.

As with the last review, I’ll start with the bad and work up to the good. Of course, there are spoilers in this unboxing and review for those who are still waiting for their box.

The bad: The vinyl again

I expected a Sam vinyl in this quarter’s Supernatural mystery box, but instead it was Crowley. I’m guessing Sam will come next quarter.

This is the only disappointing item in the whole box. I just don’t like the style of the vinyl figures. I will admit that Crowley looks more like the character than Dean and Castiel have, but it’s still not something I look forward to each month.

Honestly, I’d rather have no vinyl at all. But the box certainly made up for this item with the rest of the surprises.

Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The mediocre: Syrup dispenser and poster

Most quarters, the poster has been one of the biggest disappointments. CultureFly has used the key art from seasons. This month is different. It’s a Crowley poster with “King of Hell” written underneath the character’s face.

The downside is the “Join the Hunt” plastered all over Crowley’s face. While it works for Supernatural, it doesn’t quite work for the poster and it just screams marketing for the box since this is the slogan used for the Supernatural mystery box.

Another item I view as mediocre is the syrup dispenser. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of it and it’s practical but I know it’s not going to withstand a wash. The CultureFly kitchen wear has been extremely disappointing for this.

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I remember the Supernatural anti-possession tattoo glass lasted two washes (and hand washes at that) before the whole color-changing sticker came off. This syrup dispenser doesn’t look any different if I’m honest. I don’t really want to use it because the sticker will come off.

There’s also a manufacturing error with the dispenser and it looks like this has happened to a few people. The Sucrocorp logo is on the back of the dispenser with the CultureFly Join the Hunt logo on the front. Maybe I could get this sorted out, but if it’s happened to so many it looks like undue care and attention during the manufacturing process.

Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The good: Everything else!

The other five items are excellent. I’ll work my way up to my favorite.

Let’s start with the anti-possession temporary tattoos. It’s a pack of four and you can use whenever you want. While I don’t put on temporary tattoos usually, these are good for cosplaying or when you want to let your inner Supernatural geek out.

I’ve not tried the tattoos for quality so I’m not sure how long they’ll last. Once I do, I’ll update this Supernatural mystery box review to share more details.

Then it comes to the throw pillow cover. It feels like it’s good material and I love the images chosen. Both Winchesters are front and center, with Castiel and Crowley either side of them. It’s clear that this box is marketing to the masses.

Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

The T-shirt is a cool item. At first, it looks like it’s going to be a boring, pocket tee. Then you turn it over and see the Salt & Burn symbol on the back. It’s not blatantly Supernatural, which is something I like — I like my fan shirts to be something that fans of the show can appreciate and not market the show to the masses unless I’m purposely marketing something.

Like previous shirts, the size is a good fit. I get large so I have something slightly baggy and that’s just what I’ve got. The neck isn’t too tight and the tee feels soft to touch.

The final two items are my favorite. There’s a Demon Black Necklace and Anti-Possession Tattoo Bracelet. Both have a good weight to the pendants and come on good quality metal. What I’m not 100% sure on is whether the metal is nickel free. It doesn’t bother me, but I know many people with a nickel allergy.

I love the detail on the demon blade, which I think is going to be my favorite of the two. There’s an inscription on the metal, making it feel like the real deal.

Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham
Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

Overall, I’m happy with the Supernatural mystery box. In fact, I’m very happy. This is certainly the way to get me to keep my subscription. I’m not going to use everything but I’ll happily sport the tee, the jewelry, and the temporary tattoos (while at Comic-Con).

Next time, I’m thinking of doing a video review of the box as well as a written one if people would like that. I can even do an unboxing video, so you get to see my reaction right away.

Overall grade: 8/10 — Some excellent items but the quality of a few need work.

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Did you get the CultureFly fourth Supernatural mystery box? What did yu think of the items? Which is your favorite? Share in the comments below.

Join the Hunt at the official CultureFly site for the Supernatural mystery box.