Dog Moms creator Lisa Linke talks web series in exclusive interview

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 17: Lisa Linke (L) and Allison King attend the opening night gala at Vulture Festival LA presented by AT&T at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on November 17, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Vulture Festival)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 17: Lisa Linke (L) and Allison King attend the opening night gala at Vulture Festival LA presented by AT&T at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on November 17, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Vulture Festival) /

Lisa Linke, the creator of Dog Moms, recently sat down with us to discuss the pet-oriented series. Dog Moms is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

In an exclusive interview with the actress, writer, and producer Lisa Linke, we sat down with her to discuss projects both old and new. Linke has starred in various television shows, web series, and short films, amassing quite a number of credits in the process.

Of the projects that Linke has contributed to, Dog Moms is the most recent. She created the web series which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Linke also starred in the animal-oriented series as Waggy Lee, the country’s most renowned dance coach for dogs.

The series follows Waggy Lee as she teaches a group of enthusiastic dog moms on how to better train their pets for performance. These fierce parents aren’t the easiest bunch to teach but Waggy Lee knows how to get through to them, and their pets.

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In addition to discussing Dog Moms, we also had the opportunity to speak with Linke about the other projects she’s been involved with as of late.

Hidden Remote: Lisa, you created the web series Dog Moms and have also taken on a guest role in the television series Dog Therapist. Are pets and dog-centered projects your career focus right now, or is there another reason for participating in these series?

Lisa Linke: Great question! I created Dog Moms and co-created Dog Therapist. I guess I just have friends who love their dogs as much as I do, and who love making jokes with their pets!

Working with animals has its own set of challenges, but the end product can be really wonderful. Figuring out a way to incorporate them into the shoot that is useful, efficient and easy for the animals is a fun kind of puzzle that the production side of my brain enjoys figuring out.

My most recent projects that I’ve been hired on have coincidentally had dogs in them, so I guess it’s in the ether for me right now! I have two rescue dogs, 14 and 12, so I’m super comfortable around animals and love working with them.

HR: Has working with animals inspired you to pursue a career in this field? Or, did something else motivate you?

Linke: I’ve always been around animals – we had cats, dogs, hamsters, and fish growing up, and I am an empathetic creature. Plus, I’m Midwestern to the core, so you know I have a conversation with every animal I meet.

HR: For Dog Moms, the web series is set up as a mock reality show but did production on the series ever become so tense that it mirrored actual reality television?

Linke: Oh gosh, no! I always choose the people I work with because I would enjoy being on set with them all day long. And with that many dogs on set, we would want to keep it calm and enjoyable for everyone.

HR: I know the actresses playing thedog moms’ are just performing but did any of the diva behavior ever become real on set?

Linke: Again, no way! We were all having too much fun. It was my friends who improvise from Chicago and LA, and we just had the best time being these over-the-top characters.

HR: How did you handle working as you’re both an executive producer and actor on the web series?

Linke: I’ve done it before, with Rick & Len Fix S#!t In Your House, so I know what it’s like to have multiple roles on set. It’s actually a much different experience for me to show up to a production and just be an actor! That’s been something I’ve learned how to do and have to keep working at – just having one role. It’s easier in some senses, but when you’re used to wearing many hats, your instinct is to jump in and help out.

Lisa Linke
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HR: What would you say is the most entertaining aspect of dog-oriented shows?

Linke: Uh, the dogs! People love watching the dogs when they are unscripted because they aren’t acting – they’re just being themselves, and watching all the actors maneuver around that is part of the charm. Plus, dogs. Oh, also – dogs.

HR: As far as your other roles go, you had a guest role in the penultimate episode of Netflix’s Love Season 3. Can you tell me a little about that?

Linke: The series is ended, which is sad because it was so good! I was in the anniversary episode – and I loved being on that set – what a great crew and group of wonderful people! If they ever wanted to bring Cousin Lisa back, you know I would be down!

HR: Is there anything about your character Cousin Lisa that fans don’t know, but would be interested to find out?

Linke: We had a great time improvising a lot of those little conversations throughout the episode. Working with Kathy Baker and Ed Begley, Jr. was wonderful and a dream – on top of Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs. It was a great week on set.

HR:  As far as your other roles go, you also had a guest spot on Disney’s Bunk’d series. Was that a one-time thing or is there more to your character’s guest spot?

Linke: I was a guest star on that episode – but I had a wonderful time, and if they ever wanted to bring me back, I’d go in a heartbeat! They were wonderful and that was a really fun experience, working in kids’ comedy. I loved it!

HR: Apart from the series mentioned already, you also have a recurring role in a TV series called Home? What can you tell me about that?

Linke: Yes! Home is a web series that my friends wrote and produced and directed, and they asked if I would play a role of an AA meeting leader. It’s always fun to shoot with friends, and when a friend thinks of you for a role, you feel very grateful. I’m in a few episodes, and I got to improvise again and make some fun physical comedy and I loved it!

HR: You’re listed in three episodes so far, are those all the episodes you’ll appear in?

Linke: The series did really well on the festival circuit – so if they end up creating a series or second season, I would be more than happy to show up again and help out!

HR: Series projects aside, you’ve also produced and worked on various short films. Are you working on any shorts at the moment?

Linke: I am! Thank you for asking. I always have a few that are on my mind, whether it’s more Preparing for Pence YouTube spoofs or more things to do with dogs (obviously), I’m currently in pre-production with a bunch of friends to shoot a short next month.

HR: Do you have any other projects in the works that fans would be interested in learning about?

Linke: I have a few things slated to come out the end of this year and in 2019 – none of which I can talk about, which is pretty exciting for me, but not for this question, haha.

I just appeared on Grey’s Anatomy last month and shot a friend’s short film as well, and then a short film I was involved in earlier in the year, Blindsight, should be making the festival circuit soon. A web series I was in, Susaneland, was a huge hit on the festival circuit and is now available for viewing, which is fun to watch something you did have great success!

Other than that, I’m just out here in LA grinding away: writing, auditioning, and each Sunday on Instagram Live, I have my #SuggestionSunday show – where I host a live improv show with special guests each week at 12:30 pacific/3:30 eastern. I improvise 60-second characters, do scenes and games with the guests and the audience – and it is super fun!

It’s free, you can jump in and out whenever you like, and watch from your couch! Plus you don’t have to look for parking, pay a drink minimum, etc. I love it and hope your audience will drop by and see what it’s all about – @itslinke is my Instagram handle.

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Dog Moms is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.