Vikings recap: Who is leading the coup against Alfred?

Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press
Vikings -- Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY -- Acquired via A&E Press /

Vikings Season 5, Episode 13 picks up where the previous episode left. Ubbe and Torvi had to decide whether to become Christians, while Alfred gets a new wife.

In Vikings Season 5, Episode 13, the plots move forward to bring the Danish armies to England. As Alfred takes a bride, he tries to bring peace to Wessex but it’s not something that anyone else wants. Meanwhile, a blast from the past returns to the kingdom.

On top of that, Ivar makes it clear that he’s not just a king. Freydis shares news of her baby and Ivar celebrates being a God.

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Trouble continues in Iceland

With the revelation from Floki that he believes he’s been a foolish man, the problems continue. This week, it’s trouble when Thorunn goes missing. The last anyone saw of her, she was heading to the stream to pray to Freya, believing she would go into labor soon.

She wasn’t there when Helgi went looking for her, making him worried that something has happened. That’s where we’re left with that story, as Floki looks over the waterfall with a grave expression.

Vikings — Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY — Acquired via A&E Press
Vikings — Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY — Acquired via A&E Press /

Ubbe and Torvi convert

Meanwhile, Ubbe makes the decision to convert to Christianity. Torvi joins him as his wife, making it possible to start the peace between the two nations. It’s not enough for the people of Wessex, who are angry that the Heathens have been allowed freedom and they have the audacity to convert.

I’ve got to ask at this point what they actually want. They don’t want them to be Viking but they don’t want them to be Christians either. There’s no winning for Ubbe, Torvi, and the others.

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It doesn’t help that Bjorn is angry that his brother would convert, along with news that Ragnar converted before his death. Refusing to believe anything Alfred said, Bjorn leaves the baptism. After Alfred’s wedding, Bjorn is alone when a boy comes to speak to him. They have something in common: Ragnar.

In case you’ve been wondering, yes, this is Magnus. The baby of Queen Kwenthrith managed to survive the time out in the wilderness. At least, that’s the story Magnus is telling Bjorn, who is more than happy to believe this.

Vikings — Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY — Acquired via A&E Press
Vikings — Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY — Acquired via A&E Press /

Alfred and Aelswith marry

Meanwhile, Alfred decides it’s time to marry. First, he has to deal with Heahmund for the death of the bishop. Heahmund makes it clear that it was for Alfred to stop the coup, and that’s enough to satisfy the king.

Everyone else isn’t happy with this news. The last thing they want is to have a murderer as the bishop of one of their churches. King Alfred has made it clear that he isn’t budging on this and it’s Heahmund who baptizes Ubbe and Torvi and then later performs Alfred’s wedding ceremony.

Aelswith, fresh from her night with Bjorn, decides that she will still marry Alfred when he gives her a way out. It’s time for this partnership to truly get started.

Now if only there wasn’t someone close to him working against him. Sure enough, Aethelred (who has chosen his own wife — the daughter of the bishop killed by Heahmund, Aethelflaed) is the one who is leading the coup against Alfred because he wants to be king.

Ivar becomes a god

After Hvitserk has an outburst about Ivar ordering Margrethe’s death, Ivar and Freydis announce that Freydis is pregnant. The man that did make Freydis pregnant is quickly killed in cold blood to protect the secret and there are celebrations throughout Kattegat.

Harald decides it’s time to move on. He heads off to another kingdom, where he gathers an army and sails to England. Since he can’t be King of Norway yet, he’ll take over England instead.

Ivar makes it clear that he’s a god. This brings us to the celebrations at the end of the episode. Ivar and Freydis are celebrated as a god and the woman carrying a divine child. There’s even a sacrifice. People bring a hooded person. It’s not clear who it is but the Seer is awoken from his slumber shocked.

Is this a vision? Is he witnessing it all in real time? Who is the person under the hood? We’ll have to wait for another episode to find out.

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When will Ivar learn the truth about Freydis’ child? Will Thorunn turn up alive? Is Magnus who he claims to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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