Big Brother 21 finale should be a full two hours to cover everything

The Big Brother 21 finale could be improved by producers and CBS allowed the episode to be a full two hours. It would be an increase over the 90 minutes of the Big Brother 20 season finale.

Fans are still debating about the finish to the summer 2018 season and how the finale felt extremely rushed. It was. It’s a prime reason why the Big Brother 21 finale should be extended by 30 minutes, giving it a full two hours to cover everything important. It would still allow for a lot of advertising by the network on that evening and even more time to tease viewers about the final vote

Recapping the Big Brother 20 ending

As with all seasons of the show, the finale serves both as a reunion of cast members and a revelation of who has won the $500,000. A final competition typically takes place as well, with the final three houseguests working down to a final two. The exception to that was Big Brother: Over the Top, where there was a final three.

When the BB20 cast took the stage during the season finale, there was just too much to cover in only 90 minutes. Swaggy C wanted to propose marriage to Bayleigh Dayton, the BB20 jury had questions for the final two, the houseguests that didn’t make it to jury finally reappeared, and there were a lot of questions to be answered about showmances.

This was all in addition to the final Head of Household Competition, the final elimination, the speeches, the voting, and the big reveal of the voting results by host Julie Chen. With so much ground to cover, everything felt rushed, especially when the votes were revealed at the end.

Extend Big Brother 21 finale

By simply adding 30 minutes to the runtime for the summer 2019 finale, things can be slowed down a bit and the host can spend a lot of time on each segment. Sure, there are various segments that individual viewers may not enjoy, but on the whole, Big Brother fans want to know more. Like what the houseguests who failed to make sure have been up to, why the jury is voting the way that they are, and what the final two houseguests have to say about their time on the show.

CBS recently revealed the full Celebrity Big Brother 2 schedule, which also has a two-hour finale built into it. It’s a good decision. It will give producers enough time to cover everything that they need to in order to wrap up the season. This also underscores that there is definitely enough material to do it. Keep that rolling… make the Big Brother 21 finale two hours as well.