30 television shows in danger of being canceled in 2019

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The Gifted

THE GIFTED — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash

As we enter the new year, there are dozens of television shows in danger of being canceled, including these 30 series which find themselves hanging between the balance of another season and a final curtain call!

If there is one thing that television fans hate to hear most it’s that their favorite show will not be coming back for another season. As fans, we of course want nothing more than for our favorite series to be renewed – even if for just one more season. While some networks have proven to be more lenient in giving struggling series the chance to build a loyal following, the unfortunate truth is most shows in danger of being canceled typically aren’t able to cheat death.

While having a loyal and vocal fandom can do miracles for struggling series – here’s looking at you Timeless, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer fans! – sometimes a show’s dwindling ratings or corporate dealings behind-the-scenes drown out fan outpour leading to unfortunate cancellations.

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With another year nearly in the books and a new one about to begin, networks will soon be forced to start making difficult decisions regarding the fate of their current line-ups. As such, many struggling series will soon receive their walking papers and fans will be forced to say goodbye (often far too early). But just what shows are in the danger and whose fans should be most concerned?

Join us now as we take a look at 30 broadcast, cable and streaming shows in danger of being canceled beginning with a pair of struggling freshman dramas!

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