Who is Kato Kaelin in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Who is Kato Kaelin in the Celebrity Big Brother house? (Kato Kaelin Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS)
Who is Kato Kaelin in the Celebrity Big Brother house? (Kato Kaelin Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS) /

Kato Kaelin is a new member of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast. He is competing against 11 other houseguests to try to win $250,000 this winter. Will he be an interesting face for the live feed subscribers to watch?

The Celebrity Big Brother house has an interesting guest in the form of Kato Kaelin. He is a 59-year-old actor who also has made appearances on television and radio. His name comes from the character played by Bruce Lee on The Green Hornet. Years later, he is more recognizable due to one of his friends than for many of the projects he has taken part in.

Kato Kaelin and O.J. Simpson

During the O.J. Simpson murder case, Kato was put on the stand as a witness. At the time, Kato was living in a guest house at the Rockingham estate where Simpson lived. He testified in the case about Simpson’s movements before and after the crimes took place, including what he heard from inside the house on the night of the murders.

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It was due to that court case that Kato Kaelin received a lot of notoriety. He became one of the most famous faces in America for a time, with his face appearing on a number of tabloid magazines. He won a lawsuit due to a false headline claiming that police felt he had committed the murders.

Kato would turn that newfound fame into movie appearances, television roles, and he even competed on several game shows like Russian Roulette and The Weakest Link. Kato is no stranger to reality shows, having appeared on Reality Bites Back and Celebrity Boot Camp.

Kato Kaelin joins Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast

There are 12 celebrities competing as part of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast. Photos and cast bios are already available on the site. Some of the other competitors include reality mom Dina Lohan, swimmer Ryan Lochte, and singer Tamar Braxton.

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The season premiere for the show takes place on Monday, January 21. It’s the first of many episodes that CBS will air during the winter 2019 season. A full schedule of episodes has been provided, depicting when each one will air in this short season. Kato Kaelin is hoping that he can be one of the houseguests that survive all the way to the season finale.