Who is Tamar Braxton on Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast?

Tamar Braxton appears on the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast. The singer is trying to emerge as the winner of the $250,000 prize this winter. Can she tough out her time in the house to win the season?

The Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast has a few singers in it, just like the cast did last winter. Tamar Braxton is one of them, as she makes an attempt on another reality competition show. Still recognizable as the sister of Toni Braxton, Tamar will seek to set herself apart. She is one of 12 celebrities that are playing during the winter 2019 season on CBS.

Who is Tamar Braxton on Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast?

Fans of the music industry likely already recognize Tamar Braxton. She has five studio albums to her name, while also working with her sisters at Arista Records many years ago. The sister act didn’t make it that far, though, and Toni ended up branching out on her own. This has been a topic of discussion on one reality show in particular.

Tamar Braxton has a main role on Braxton Family Values, which is a WE TV show. It has been on for a number of years and it covers the lives of the Braxton sisters. The show has also been used as a stepping stone for Tamar to appear on other shows. She served as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and participated in a season of Dancing With the Stars. An illness forced her to withdraw from that season of DWTS.

Tamar competes with celebrities on CBB2

There are a total of 12 celebrities that are competing to win the $250,000 on the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast. A full list of cast photos and bios has already been provided. Among the other competitors are singer Kandi Burruss from Xscape, actor Joey Lawrence from Blossom, and swimmer Ryan Lochte from the United States Olympic team.

The start date to the season is Monday, January 21 on CBS. While that is when the first episode is on television, the celebrities are already inside the BB house and playing the game. A full list of the primetime episodes is available for readers. It breaks down how there are just 13 episodes to decide who will emerge as the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 cast winner. Could it be Tamar Braxton?