Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Veto Meeting results revealed

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from January 23 now include the Veto Meeting results. This information was revealed on the live feeds, as this has now become a huge source of information for fans.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have been popping up online ever since the live feeds got turned on Tuesday evening. Producers let the live feed subscribers finally get a long look inside the house and a lot has been going on. As previously reported by Inside the BB House, a houseguest was not on the cameras and it was quickly revealed that someone had already won the Power of Veto.

Previous Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

Anthony Scaramucci is not in the game any longer. The houseguests haven’t discussed his exit very much, so it is unclear whether he decided to quit or broke a rule that caused producers to remove him. The assumption is that he quit after getting nominated for eviction. As for those nominations, which took place on the January 22 episode, Jonathan Bennett and Tom Green are on the block.

It was also revealed, on the live feeds Tuesday night, that Kato Kaelin won the Power of Veto. This gave Kato the power to save one of the nominees from the block. Kato is already in an alliance with Tom, leading to the expectation that he would save his buddy at the Veto Meeting. Well, the Week 1 Veto Meeting just took place in the game, providing some very interesting information.

Veto Meeting results

Kato Kaelin hosted the Veto Meeting on Wednesday afternoon (January 23). It appears that Kato saved Tom from the block and Ryan replaced him with Joey Lawrence. Kandi Burruss was the replacement nominee for Anthony Scaramucci, who isn’t coming back to the game. This means that at the first Eviction Ceremony, it is either Joey, Kandi, or Jonathan who is getting voted out.

A lot of these new Celebrity Big Brother spoilers will get revealed during the January 23 episode. That’s when the first Veto Competition will be shown, but it’s unclear if they will show the Veto Meeting just yet. It would require some quick editing, so that might not get shown to CBS viewers until Friday (January 25).