Interview: Ruby Modine talks Happy Death Day 2U, upcoming projects

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: Ruby Modine attends Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Red Carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 15, 2017 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Universal Studios Hollywood)
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: Ruby Modine attends Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Red Carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 15, 2017 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Universal Studios Hollywood) /

Actress Ruby Modine gives Hidden Remote an exclusive look into her role in the upcoming horror sequel, Happy Death Day 2U. She also discusses whether we’ll see her character return on Shameless.

Despite being a slasher film, Happy Death Day was one of the most enjoyable films of 2017. The movie’s inventive method of mixing horror, comedy, sci-fi, and satire made it stand out from the rest. It followed a college student, Theresa “Tree” Gelbman as she’s stuck in a deadly time loop, living her murder over and over on her birthday. In order to escape the loop, Tree was forced to identify the baby-mask wearing killer. Due to the success of the first film, a sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, was quickly announced. The main cast is set to return including actress Ruby Modine.

Modine portrayed Tree’s roommate Lori but for those familiar with the first film know that her role took on a surprise twist. Happy Death Day 2U forces Tree back into the loop but this time around, the killer has his sights set on more victims. Viewers can expect more twists in the sequel as well as some explanation surrounding the time loop.

If everything goes as planned, there could be another sequel in the future as there are long-term plans for the franchise. Ruby Modine spoke to us about her role in the franchise and what other projects she’s currently working on.

Hidden Remote: Your character was killed at the end of Happy Death Day but now that Tree enters back into the time loop in the sequel, you’re back! What was it like reprising the role of Lori for Happy Death Day 2U?

Ruby Modine: I was so excited when [director] Christopher Landon contacted me out of the blue with the simple text, “you’re going to love where Lori’s story is going.” I was absolutely baffled! It was exhilarating to step back into Lori’s shoes especially with the new twists and turns of the sequel.

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Hidden Remote: What were your first thoughts when you found out that you’d be playing the killer in the first movie?

Ruby Modine: I was over the moon. I’ve always loved villains and to be given the chance to be one made me smile ear to ear. I auditioned, without having read the full script, and was very confused by what was happening in this film. THEN!

When I got the callback and received the script, I eagerly flipped the pages and as I got to the end my eyes were massive and my jaw was on the floor.

Hidden Remote: Happy Death Day is one of the most fun horror movies I’ve seen in recent years. Why do you think it became such a hit with audiences?

Ruby Modine: I think it became such a success because it touches on so many elements that we love in film. It’s a mixture of genres and you never know what to expect in the next scene.

Hidden Remote: Does Happy Death Day 2U have some of the same comedic elements as the first film?

Ruby Modine: Absolutely! The cast killed it in Happy Death Day 2U and I can honestly say there were moments that I burst out laughing.

Jessica Rothe, Happy Death Day 2U
Happy Death Day 2U -Jessica Rothe – (Credit: Universal Pictures) /

Hidden Remote: Since Lori has been resurrected in the time loop, will she remember that Tree pushed her out of the window?

Ruby Modine: Well… What I can say to this question is that it is explained in the film and it is quite shocking as to how everything has fallen into place in the dimension we are now in. The surprises and twists, not only for Lori, will definitely amuse the audience.

Hidden Remote: This time around, the trailer shows that Lori is a victim (at least in one loop) at the hands of the new killer. Are the stakes much higher now that the baby mask-wearing killer is targeting more people, rather than just Tree?

Ruby Modine: I geeked out the day the trailer went live. I think I watched it over a dozen times just spazzing out— there is much more at stake and the dangers are much higher.

Hidden Remote: Will the origin of the time loop be fully explained in this sequel? I know there have been a ton of fan theories. 

Ruby Modine: The fan theories are so awesome. Phi [Vu] and I just had dinner a couple of nights ago and were gushing about a few! The time loop will be explained in the second film and I can say, without a doubt, it will surprise the audience.

Hidden Remote: Were you a big fan of horror movies before joining this film series?

Ruby Modine: Yes! Although now that I’ve gotten to play a few of them my skin has become thinner and I’m a bit more squeamish when watching them which makes NO sense whatsoever.

Hidden Remote: Let’s switch things up and talk about your time on the award-winning hit series, Shameless. What has your experience been like working on the show?

Ruby Modine: An unforgettable learning experience. It was so great being on the set which in itself so strong, both cast and crew: they are all such hard-working individuals and know what needs to be done in order to make Shameless what it is. I had such a wonderful time on that set and the memories will always make me laugh. I am so thankful to have been able to be on such a great show and work with such great people.

Hidden Remote: Your character, Sierra, had a very complex relationship with Lip. She always turned to him for emotional support but their relationship was complicated at times. Things seemed to end between Sierra and Lip in the Season 8 finale but is there a chance we could see Sierra again?

Ruby Modine: The only way to answer that question: you never know.

Ruby Modine
Ruby Modine – (Photo Credit: Tiziano Lugli) /

Hidden Remote: And your band’s debut EP was released in November, congratulations! Are there any plans for live shows?

Ruby Modine: Thank you!! The EP – Ruby Modine and The Disease – means so much to me because I wanted to release honest work from my soul. I wanted to release any past demons in a therapeutic, positive and healthy way.

YES! We’ve had lots of conversations about this, however, I am currently dealing with vocal cord issues which are heading me in the direction of surgery. Once my vocal cords are strong and healthy again, I will hit the stage with my band of brothers! We are making plans for much further than California!

Hidden Remote: You have a few other projects coming up, can you share any information on them?

Ruby Modine: So excited about these! Satanic Panic is a horror comedy that follows a young woman (Hayley Griffith) through a night which proceeds to be the worst night of her life and American Desert is a drama that about Matt Bennings (Will Brandt), a war vet, who finds love in the desert. We follow him through a dark world that only a few see.

Hidden Remote: Back to Happy Death Day 2U. What was it like reuniting with some of the cast from the first movie? (Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Rachel Matthews, and Phi Vu)

Ruby Modine: It was exciting! It’s a great feeling to work with a cast and create something that so many love and then be given a chance to do it again but differently. We all work very hard and the chemistry on camera is often carried off camera as well.

Hidden Remote: Were there any funny stories from being on set? I feel like on a horror movie, everyone would try to scare each other especially when the movie involves a masked killer.

Ruby Modine: You have… NO IDEA. Not only does the cast have a great sense of humor, we all have a great sense of mischief which causes (at least for me) a great deal of “tenseness” on set because you don’t know what’s coming from around the next corner. We all laugh a lot and that’s a beautiful gift to be given because who doesn’t love laughter?

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See Ruby Modine when Happy Death Day 2U hits theaters on Feb. 13, 2019.