Big Brother 21 casting almost complete, applications still open

Julie Chen posts a new Big Brother photo to spur interest, creates humor. (Julie Chen Moonves Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Julie Chen posts a new Big Brother photo to spur interest, creates humor. (Julie Chen Moonves Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother 21 cast is getting put together already. The 2019 summer season should begin in June.

The Big Brother 21 casting has been underway for a little while now, with the team behind the show looking to put together a great group of houseguests. This has included accepting online applications, as well as hosting open casting calls across the country. It’s a long process to get the right people ready to join the BB21 cast, with fans hoping it all leads to another great summer in the Big Brother house.

BB21 casting is still open

Casting director Robyn Kass has posted online a number of times about opportunities for people interested in submitting applications. The due date is coming up quickly, though, with April 5 advertised as the last day that hopeful fans can submit one online.

As she has stated on social media before, Robyn Kass urges people to not wait until the last minute. The application itself is pretty intensive, so nobody wants to run out of time trying to answer all of the questions. It’s also important to go over the eligibility requirements so everyone can make sure they qualify to be a BB21 cast member.

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When is Big Brother 21 season premiere?

Some of the CBS dramas already have premiere dates on the summer 2019 schedule. That includes Elementary, which returns for another season in May. That schedule doesn’t include the reality competition shows, though, so fans don’t have a specific date to look toward just yet.

Using past seasons as an example, it’s possible to guess at which day the Big Brother 21 season premiere could take place. CBS and show producers like to aim for a Wednesday late in the month of June. Taking that into account, Wednesday, June 26 looks like a good BB21 start date. That’s just a guess, though.

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Anyone hoping to become a member of the Big Brother 21 cast needs to hurry and get that application submitted. There is still a little time left to do it, but don’t wait until the last few minutes to try to be one of the summer 2019 cast members.