15 most satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones

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deaths on Game of Thrones
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Joffrey Baratheon

Time of Death: Season 4, Episode 3 “The Lion and the Rose”

Cause of Death: Drank poisoned wine at his wedding to Margarey Tyrell.

Valar Morghulis: Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) was the perfect embodiment of chaotic evil. He did whatever he pleased with minimal intervention from anyone in the capital. So when he married the captivating and capable Margarey, it seemed as if there might finally be a controlling force in place to cap his worst impulses. However, we barely had time to admire the finery and spectacle of the blessed event when Joffrey began to choke.

Whenever a character coughs in any sort of media it portends ominous things to come. Joffrey’s coughs quickly turned into gasps as he tumbled onto the dance floor in distress. Wide-eyed viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Someone killed Joffrey? Woah. He seemed untouchable. But all men must die, and thankfully that also includes the brattiest king ever to walk the halls of the Red Keep. As Joffrey struggled for his last breaths, foamed at the mouth and turned a lovely shade of purple, fans all over the world cheered to be rid of the vile ruler. Fallout from the event would dominate the conversation for much of Season 4 and beyond, but ding dong the King is dead, and no one – not even Melissandre – could bring him back from the Seven Hells that were surely there to greet him in death.