Game of Thrones: Four potential saviors of humanity

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Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones — Photo 9: HBO via HBO Media Relations /

Game of Thrones has set up the final battle lines pretty clearly. There are four important people, however, that may save the day for humans.

The battle for the Iron Throne has taken center stage for the majority of Game of Thrones. A new battle will steal the limelight for the final season, and it’s completely contrary to everything fans know and have seen. The living and the dead are about to do battle, and it’s terrifying.

There are at least four people – what the military calls “force multipliers” – who might save the day, and they’re not getting enough attention.

What is the major disadvantage to humankind in warfare?

Covered in nearly every zombie book or movie, the key strategic advantage for zombies is their ever-increasing numbers. Humans die, and numbers shrink. Even if a one for one kill ratio takes place, there is no traditional, battlefield triage that stops the dead human from giving the enemy a Mario +1. Until now. Game of Thrones has a chance to reverse course from this reality.

Magic in Game of Thrones is the great equalizer.

We already know people can be brought back from the dead; so, why not more? All that matters is relative speed and beating the White Walkers to the punch. Based on The Night King’s resurrection time and “Come at me, Crow”-staredown, a minute window is about all there is to do anything.

Game of Thrones
Vladimir Furdik as the Night King – Photo 6: HBO via HBO Media Relations /

That is where mankind strikes back with several fiery trump cards which may counteract The Night King.