Lindsay McCormick talks Elevator Pitch, The Bounce Back

Pictured, Lindsay McCormick. Photo Credit, Bjoern Kommerell. Courtesy, MW-PR.
Pictured, Lindsay McCormick. Photo Credit, Bjoern Kommerell. Courtesy, MW-PR. /

In an exclusive interview, Hidden Remote catches up with Lindsay McCormick to talk Elevator Pitch and The Bounce Back.

Lindsay McCormick recently took the time to update us on her life in an exclusive Hidden Remote interview. A sports broadcaster and actress, McCormick has covered worldwide events such as Super Bowl XLIX and Mayweather Vs Pacquiao, in addition to acting in The Bounce Back and being a regular fixture in Elevator Pitch.

Here’s what she had to say about her latest goings on.

Hidden Remote: What does life look like for you these days? I know you have a lot going on. 

Lindsay McCormick: We are getting closer to the official launch of the augmented reality game “Big Shot,” and ePlay Digital has been working hard on putting the final touches on the game. Also, we start filming Season 4 of Elevator Pitch in two weeks, and I can’t wait to see the entire crew again and what innovative ideas entrepreneurs will come up with next.

I just finished shooting an eSports pilot as well, which I’m convinced is the direction the sports world is headed. So to answer your question fully, finding time to fit in restorative sleep is what my life currently looks like. (Laughs.)

HR: What was your experience like in The Bounce Back? 

McCormick: The entire cast and crew truly became a family, so much so that we had three wrap parties because we didn’t want the experience to ever end. [Laughs.] Bill Bellamy had everyone in tears of laughter for most of the time, and Shemar Moore and Ray Brown, our executive producer, were excellent at checking in with each individual to make sure that it was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

It’s been fun to see what everyone has worked on since The Bounce Back and to keep in touch on occasion and support each other from afar.

HR: Do you have any stories from filming that you’d like to share? 

McCormick: The one moment that sticks out to me as the most comical because it eased my nerves, was that the van carrying the talent from base camp to set (my first time filming) almost got into a fender bender. Shemar was sitting in the seat behind me and we were all focused on our lines, since it’s the first shot of the day and extremely early in the morning, and our van comes to a screeching halt.

Shemar said something along the lines of, “Good Lord! We may not make it!” [Laughs.] It’s hard to be nervous about your lines when your van is dodging other cars and there are some questions if you’ll even make it to set.

HR: What was it like working alongside Shemar Moore? 

McCormick: Shemar is the true definition of an entertainer. It doesn’t matter if the cameras are rolling or the director has yelled “cut.” He’s always enchanting anyone who’s around. He also makes acting look effortless and the actors around him feel comfortable enough to give their best performances as well. He’s a rarity in this world, and I feel fortunate to have been able to work alongside him for this film.

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HR: Can you tell me a little bit about what to expect in the upcoming season of Elevator Pitch

McCormick: The beauty of this show is that each season is slightly unique. New entrepreneurs, new concepts, new guest judges, etc. We start filming in two weeks, and even I don’t know what’s in store for this season. They like for the judges to be surprised, and I love that because I leave set each day completely mesmerized and inspired by what entrepreneurs are creating to make our world a better place.

HR: What do you most enjoy about doing that show? 

McCormick: The people I get to work with. Just being around my fellow judges, President of Entrepreneur Media Bill Shaw, and our Director, Andy Meyers, makes filming a real joy. The entire crew is the hardest working, most authentic group of people.

HR: What advice would you give to young men and women who want to walk in your footsteps

McCormick: Take inspiration from everyone around you — there’s never just one path that works and there’s never just one way to do something. Also, take advantage of online platforms and social media. In this day and age everyone has a platform. If you create your own content and utilize the internet, you can open doors for yourself that you never imagined possible.

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