10 TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix in May

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Extremely Wicked on Netflix photo Media Center /
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Ready for all the new TV shows and movies dropping on Netflix in May? Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for.

There isn’t a single Netflix subscriber that doesn’t get excited for the arrival of a new month. This is because a new month means a new slate of TV shows and movies arriving to Netflix, both Originals and hit series from a parent Network. And even though a list of programming is released, the streaming giant always holds a few surprises, releasing unsuspecting shows and movies.

This month, the highlight is original content. Because, as you may already know if you follow our monthly Netflix recommendations, we tend to suggest shows on Netflix from other networks instead of Originals. This isn’t because we don’t like Netflix’s programming, it’s by far our favorite, but there simply isn’t enough out that month for us to enjoy. But not May!

It’s gonna be May and we have many suggestions and recommendations you can’t afford to miss out on. That said, if you have yet to subscribe for an account on Netflix, do so now! The service has a great free trial period that’ll allow you to see everything you are missing.

If you’d like a complete list of everything that is leaving and headed to Netflix in May, click here! Otherwise, stay tuned and continue reading for our top 10 picks that include both movies and television shows.

From mystery, drama, and comedy, there’s something for everyone this coming month. If you know of a show or film that t needs to be added to our list let us know and we’ll be sure to add it!