Grey’s Anatomy: The 8 best moments from Season 15, Episode 23

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Grey's Anatomy

4. Bailey is there for Alex.

Jo bursts into tears all over the hospital. First, Ben notices she seems upset and brings it up to Bailey. Then Teddy brings the same concerns to Bailey’s attention.

Alex finds Jo crying into the arms of Gus’s mother. It’s a devastating situation all around. Alex feels completely helpless and it’s frustrating for him. All he wants is to help his wife and he can’t figure out the best way to do it.

I loved the moment he said, “I need to break something,” and Bailey wordlessly offers him a mug! It speaks volumes about the nature of their friendship and how much they’ve gone through together. It was a nice moment both for Bailey and Alex, and also to see Ben comforting Jo in the background.

3. Maggie prepares to move in with Jackson.

Post-Jackson asking her to move in with him, Maggie has to deliberate on whether or not she’s going to do it. I think, deep down, she always wanted to but Maggie has to come to terms to things in her own way. She likes to weigh her options, figure out pros and cons, she doesn’t jump into things head-first without a little deliberation.

But I loved the scene where Maggie tells Jackson she’s ready and asks if he’s willing to write pro and con lists with her and weigh the options. He tells her he’ll do anything she wants, so long as she goes camping with him first. “Can we pro and con camping?” I love these two.

2. Tom finds Teddy her dream apartment.

Teddy’s search for the perfect home may have finally come to an end. After throwing out a few ideas of various real estate finds, Teddy reveals she already had the dream apartment, back in Germany. She loved the big open windows, open floor plans, and high ceilings.

So what does Tom do? He goes and finds her exactly that in Seattle. He doesn’t buy it for her, but he does rent her an apartment. With the baby coming so soon it’ll be nice for Teddy to actually have a place to call home.

Clearly, Tom is really in this for the long haul. It remains to be seen if Owen is going to come between them.

1. Andrew tells Meredith he loves her.

Well, that was unexpected! Andrew confesses that the reason he was being so cagey and strange around her all day wasn’t because he disapproved of her decision to commit insurance fraud — it was because he was in awe of her. He was afraid the only thing that he’d be able to say was “I love you”, and say it he does. Meredith is clearly shocked.

She hasn’t told a man she loves him since Derek’s death and this has thrown her for a loop. I’m not sure how she’s going to react to this in the long run.

Will she come around in the next episode and decide she does love Andrew? Or is she not there yet? And if she’s not there yet, will Andrew be willing to wait until she is?

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