Evel Dick Big Brother advice: Amusing, important tips for BB21 cast

(Big Brother Logo Photo / CBS)
(Big Brother Logo Photo / CBS) /

Evel Dick has some advice for future Big Brother contestants and he is not afraid to share it. In fact, he has just about taken over Twitter with his advice posts.

Evel Dick Donato could teach a Big Brother course. That college-level course could help future houseguests who are trying to win the $500,000 cash prize. And all it takes is a Twitter account and the willingness to listen to that advice.

Evel Dick takes over Twitter

Amid his posts predicting a disappointing ending to Game of Thrones, Evel Dick Donato has been posting a lot of interesting and funny memes, videos, and images from past seasons of Big Brother. Within those posts, he is posting hints and suggestions about how people should act while they are playing the game.

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As shown in the GIF above, which was posted online by CBS, Evel Dick suggests that people play to win. In the GIF, Rachel Rielly is shown becoming the Big Brother 13 winner. Evel Dick knows what it looks like and what it takes to do just that, as he was the Big Brother 8 winner. He returned to try to win the show again but came up short in a season built around teams.

More Big Brother advice from Evil Dick

Some of the other pieces of information that he shared include laying off the chips and candy, to have fun and celebrate your victories, and don’t pick your nose on camera. Those cameras are recording every minute of every day that people are in the house, even if all of the footage isn’t shown to viewers. He has even more advice that makes his Twitter page worth checking out.

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Very soon, the BB21 cast will be revealed and everyone will be debating about who could become the winner. It is safe to assume that one of the people posting online about it will be Evel Dick Donato, as he frequently checks in on how the new casts are doing each season. If you are hoping to join a future cast of Big Brother, he also has a lot of advice you should pay attention to.