20 British TV shows you definitely need to check out

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Line of Duty — Courtesy of Acorn TV — Acquired via Acorn TV press site

Britain brings plenty of period dramas now but it’s also known for excellent miniseries, comedies, and more. Here are 20 British TV shows to watch.

British TV shows are everywhere. Most people will watch various BBC and ITV shows through PBS, but you can also catch the programs on Acorn TV, BritBox, Amazon Prime Video, and much more.

While period dramas certainly tend to be the first types of shows people think of, there are so many others past and present that certainly deserve the chance. The Brits have some of the best programs in history, no matter what type of content you’re looking for. Some are based on books, while others are purely original.

There are high chances you checked out some of the more popular programs. Ripper Street and Victoria will be some that come to mind. Then there are shows that you’ll think are British that are technically American productions (American writing teams and showrunners or due to American production companies) such as VikingsThe Tudors, and Outlander.

However, whether you want drama or comedy, there is something for you. Here are 20 British TV shows that you most definitely need to check out. You won’t regret using up your time on these shows.

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