Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Jackson Michie

Jackson Michie is a 24-year-old server originally Nashville, Tennessee. Can he use his physical and social skillset to lead him to the $500,000 prize? Or will his over-eagerness to play the game be his downfall?

When you first look at Jackson MIchie, you see a guy who is going to be labeled as a physical threat immediately. However, it seems that there might be more to Jackson than meets the eye. He notes in his bio that from middle school until college he used to write speeches for money. That speech writing skill could come in handy should he find himself on the block on eviction night.

Jackson lists Paul Abrahamian and Brett Robinson as his favorite players. He says Paul told it like it was and he respects honesty and boldness. He likes Brett because Brett is a guy’s guy to a tee and would probably be someone Jackson would hang out with outside the house.

This is where things start to get concerning. In his bio Jackson says his strategy is to be physical, but not overly physical. He wants to win competitions. However, he has to pick them wisely, so he doesn’t become too large of a threat. Jackson says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win over the houseguests on a social level.

One other thing that concerns me in his bio is Jackson’s motto. He says his motto is “Anything in life is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.” In the Big Brother house, it is definitely smart to moderate.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Jackson Michie

In his interview with Jeff, Jackson says he is a fan, but not a super fan. Jackson and his mom have been watching Big Brother since he was a kid. Jackson knows the first impression of him will be that he’s a physical threat. With that in mind, he knows he will have to work his social game harder.

Jackson does plan to try and win the first Head of Household competition. He says he might have to get a little blood on his hands if he wins the first Head of Household. He knows he is going to have to lie to win the game. Jackson also says he is not there for a showmance. Jackson evisions himself walking out of the house with confetti flying after winning on Day 99.

Jackson says his first season was likely Big Brother 10. He is a fan of Jessie Godderz. He says he is a competitive, aggressive person who likes to win.

Ika Wong interviews Jackson Michie

In his interview with Ika, Jackson says Big Brother is something he’s always wanted to do. He says he will excel at the mental, physical, and social aspects of the game. Jackson says people will find out there’s more to him than meets the eye. He says he is the exact opposite of the stereotypes he might fit into.

Jackson says if he wanted romance or fame, he’d look elsewhere. However, he says if there are distractions in the house then so be it. He just needs to stay focused on the $500,000.

Jackson says he is a fan of Paul and Tyler Crispen. He also likes Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore. Jackson says he knows he is going to have to sell himself to strangers whose opinions of him based on first impressions.

What are the chances that Jackson Michie will win Big Brother 21?

Jackson has a lot going for him. He’s physically gifted and should be strong in competitions. He also could be strong socially. Jackson’s background in sales should be of great use to him as well. Jackson also seems like just a good guy who is very respectful of others.

He really has two main issues. The issues are his physical gifts and that his strategy doesn’t seem smart. In the end, I think Jackson will be evicted pre-jury. I just see Jackson being the person who plays too hard, too fast this season and kills his game early on.