Homekilling Queen Kaitlyn Bernard chats with us about her upcoming projects

Kaitlyn Bernard - Courtesy of M Public Relations
Kaitlyn Bernard - Courtesy of M Public Relations /

Homekilling Queen Kaitlyn Bernard chats with us about her new Lifetime film, her new movie alongside Johnny Depp, and much more!

If you’re a big Lifetime fan then you probably saw Kaitlyn Bernard in the crazy new film, Homekilling Queen, which debuted last month. But that’s not all that this rising star has been doing to keep busy! She has also shot three other movies alongside stars like Johnny Depp, Zoey Deutch, and 13 Reasons Why star, Katherine Langford.

We had the lucky opportunity to talk with Bernard about her upcoming projects and what it was like playing the wicked Whitney Manning in Lifetime’s Homekilling Queen!

Hidden Remote: What can you tell us about your Lifetime movie, Homekilling Queen?

Kaitlyn Bernard: Homekilling Queen follows the story of Whitney Manning, who is the entitled and deranged daughter or wealthy and equally disturbed Connie Manning.

Whitney is determined to become homecoming queen and nothing will stand in her way until Natasha, the edgy underdog decides to take a stand against her leading with an anti-bullying platform.

HR: Who is your character and what was your experience like on-set? 

KB: I play Whitney! As I mentioned, she’s entitled, vicious, and gets everything she wants through the sneaky ways of her mother and grandmother. Due to their stature, they have never gotten caught.

Whitney does everything in her power to become homecoming queen, she bribes, she bullies, she sweet-talks, and even kills. I’ve never played a character like this before so it was fun to play the villain.

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HR: Do you enjoy doing thrillers/horror movies? What is it about the genre that appeals to you most?  

KB: I love doing thrillers/horror films, they are challenging because the stakes are very high all the time. I would definitely have to say psychological thrillers are my favorite, I love films that make you think and change your perception of life.

HR: Do you share anything in common with your character Whitney?

KB: I certainly hope I do not have too much in common with her! Whitney makes some terrible decisions because she is completely obsessed with becoming homecoming queen to please her mother and grandmother.

I feel like the only thing that I do have in common with Whitney is that I am very competitive, but most definitely not to the extent that she is!

HR: You’ve got some exciting projects coming up. Can you tell us a little about The Professor and the Awesomeness film, Spontaneous?

KB: Yes, thank you! The Professor is a dark comedy-drama that follows the life of a college professor (Johnny Depp) who finds out he has a terminal illness and only 6 months to live. This news drives him to live his life as freely as possible, making some questionable choices along the way.

I play Taylor, Olivia’s girlfriend, who is the daughter of the professor. You can watch that in theatres and on-demand.

Kaitlyn Bernard
Kaitlyn Bernard – Photo Courtesy of M Public Relations /

Spontaneous is another feature film that I shot last year starring Katherine Langford. It’s based on the book written by Aaron Starmer. It’s also a dark comedy that follows a group of high school seniors who are about graduate, when all of a sudden, one by one they start spontaneously combusting for no apparent reason!

HR: I was looking up The Color Rose too and thought the plot line sounded amazing. A group of girls join a cult where each one is based on a deadly sin, what a great idea! What character will you be playing in that film?  

KB: The Color Rose is a murder mystery, written and directed by Courtney Paige which I just wrapped filming and am very excited about. The story takes place in a small religious town where seven girls are known as ‘The Sins’, each one representing one of the seven deadly sins.

They soon, however, realize that there is more to their religious town after they go missing one by one. I play Grace Carver, the leader of the group and daughter of the town’s pastor.

HR: What would be your dream project to work on in the future?  

KB: I’ve started writing my own script that I hope to someday bring to life by starring in, directing and producing it!

HR: Are there any specific directors or actors you’d like to work with down the line? 

KB: My dream person to work with would definitely be Natalie Portman, I absolutely loved her performance in Annihilation and some of her earlier work such as The Professional.

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Thanks so much to Kaitlyn Bernard for taking the time to chat with us!

Her film The Professor is now available to purchase on-demand. The Color Rose and Spontaneous haven’t had official release dates announced yet but we will keep you posted when they do!