Animal Kingdom recap: Congratulations, you’re having twins!

Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press
Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press /

On this episode of Animal Kingdom, Know Thy Enemy, Adrian finally comes clean as J plans a new high-risk job.

This episode of Animal Kingdom confirmed three things for me: 1) Angela needs to go, 2) Deran and Adrian really do love each other, and 3), no matter how many years we inhabit this earth there are some men who always act shocked when a woman screws them over. Did you really think Pam was with you for your winning personality, Jake?

Young Smurf

It’s no secret that Smurf hates other women. They’re nothing but competition to her, and in some cases, her hatred is rightly justified. As demonstrated here.

Jake begins dating the girl from the diner, Pam, but she ends up robbing them even after Smurf tries to warn them. Manny insisted that, unlike Smurf, most women just want someone to cook for and a man to protect them and in front of their TV screens; a couple thousand women rolled their eyes.

Before Pam robbed them though, she and her little boy together gave Janine a glimpse of her own future; playing mommy to a kid in the midst of living a criminal’s life. The end of the flashback scenes show that Janine is pregnant, and so begins the life of Andrew and Julia. It’s a bit sad seeing their beginnings knowing what happens to them in the future.

Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press
Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press /

Angela is the rat, I know it

Adrian isn’t the rat. He isn’t talking and even demanded Pierce arrest him because he wasn’t going to roll on Deran. So, who is talking?

More from Drama

Angela starts off “Know Thy Enemy” doing the same three things she’s been doing since arriving on Smurf’s doorstep five episodes ago: talking about Julia, stalking Pope, and asking way too many questions. Now that she knows about Smurf’s cancer, she’s got a bug up her butt about a possible will and how Smurf will leave everything to the boys, and when I say she has a bug up her butt I mean she acts like it’s a matter of life or death. J, who she was saying all this too, couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile, we get some details on Angela’s crime that got her landed in prison and find out, from some random person that shows up solely for the purpose of telling us this, that she was released from prison six years early. Random person than asks the very foreshadowing question, “did you roll on someone?” I think she’s trying to Ms. random woman.

Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press
Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press /

Baby J’s job

I’m not really into Olivia and I honestly can’t tell if J is either. He’s using her to get information on the show her mom is running, which I thought was some kind of auction or art show but is actually a music festival.

Was the inventory list she was checking earlier for a different event because she mentioned jewels and diamond tennis bracelets? Why would a rock concert catering to hipsters need diamonds? All the rock concerts and festivals I’ve attended, I’ve never seen a Kay’s Jewelers booth. Maybe I missed something.

It doesn’t really matter what it is; J’s going to rob it, that’s all that matters. Their plan is to walk backstage with backstage passes and blend in with the other 200-something guys working on the event without masks or guns and load up the sound and light equipment in an ambulance truck.

Smurf likes the job, which is surprising, but the guys don’t. Committing a crime with the “hide in plain sight” tactic sounds easy in theory but requires a lot of luck. What if someone they know sees them? Craig said he used to attend the festival every year, I assume a lot of people they know are going. The job is next week so we’ll find out then.

Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press
Animal Kingdom 407 Eddy Chen acquired by TNT via Turner Press /

Renn and Craig

Craig is excited about the soon-to-come baby Crest, only that very idea freaks Renn out. She wakes up to find Craig making a crib and to him talking about baby stuff. He’s trying to be a good dad, it’s sweet, but it makes Renn panic and she leaves.

We don’t know much about Renn outside of minor facts such as she’s a drug dealer, has said that she has no other skills implying little schooling, and since her introduction, has held herself to appear unshakable; it’s clear she’s had a troubled life. She even says this when explaining why she left, “I’ve messed up my own life”.  Craig still wants to be with her but everything’s put on hold for them right now.

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Adrian and Deran relationship goals

Adrian finally tells Deran the truth, and Deran’s response is about what you’d expect given that he already knows. He leaves the room without a word and ignores Adrian’s calls for the rest of the day. Come on Deran, if Adrian can forgive you for beating him up on a dirty bathroom floor, you can let this go.

Later, Pope drops by to check how Deran’s coping with Colby’s death but instead he finds Adrian packing his bags headed for his sister’s house. His first assumption is that Deran told him about Colby, insisting that Deran will have to kill his boyfriend if he talks, which Deran angrily refuses to do.

In the end, Deran goes to Adrian’s sister’s house and fetches his boyfriend, assuring him that they’ll figure it out together. In a law-abiding world, Adrian and Deran would be a near-perfect couple.

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Not much happened with present-day Smurf, but she’s planning something big for next week. While the boys were out, she purchased enough firepower to take out a small unarmed army and drove off to destinations unknown. Is she going to see someone we’ve already met in the flashbacks?

The only two I can imagine her going to see are Lou or Colin (Manny’s dead and Jake isn’t much of a threat), but Lou doesn’t feel worthy of a visit, so is it Colin? Is he still alive?

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Don’t miss the next episode of Animal Kingdom on Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on TNT.