Big Brother 21 Episode 10 recap: Gr8ful? More like H8ful.

Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn Herman still hasn't finished her puzzle. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn Herman still hasn't finished her puzzle. (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother 21 aired last night. It was Big Brother 21 Episode 10. In this episode, they finally showed some of the poor behavior of the Gr8ful alliance towards the outsiders. They also showed fallout from the nomination ceremony, Power of Veto competition, and Power of Veto ceremony. This episode also featured a special guest appearance by Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10 began where Episode 9 left off, with Head of Household Nick Maccarone having nominated Cliff Hogg III and Jessica Milagros for eviction. The first thing we saw was fallout from the nomination ceremony. After that, it was time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition.

Then, Kaitlyn Herman surprised the houseguests as the host for the Power of Veto competition. The Power of Veto ceremony was seen at the end of Big Brother 21 Episode 10.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10 begins

Big Brother 21 Episode 10 began with a recap of events that lasted a few minutes. Then, the show launched into its main title sequence. One interesting thing to note was that the narrator said: “with lies and accusations swirling, tonight Gr8ful becomes H8ful.”

That was particularly interesting because they’ve exhibited poor behavior almost from the beginning on the live feeds. However, the edit has largely avoided them making them the villains.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10: Fallout from the nomination ceremony

Jessica was not surprised to be nominated as she felt like she was on the bottom. However, she knew she would still have a chance to win the Power of Veto. While Cliff thought he was a pawn, he was wary that pawns go home and wanted to win the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10: Drama and bullying ensue

Nicole Anthony was relieved to not be nominated. However, she felt the hinky vote was still being pinned on her. Nicole was nervous about her safety for the week as a result.

Isabella “Bella” Wang was worried about her and Nick’s future. She was worried Nicole had been telling the truth when she spilled the beans that Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews wanted her and Nick out. However, she also still kept faith in Gr8ful.

Then, everyone in Gr8ful and Sam Smith appeared in the Head of Household room to chat. David Alexander tried to go to the Head of Household room to talk with Nick but was denied entry. Bella told Gr8ful that Nicole told her Christie Murphy, Holly Allen, and Analyse Talavera said that Bella and Nick were bullying Nicole.

Analyse and Christie were livid at this revelation and wanted to go off on Nicole. They then told Bella it was Nicole who said they were bullies. However, video evidence backed Nicole’s side of the story. Bella ended up believing Nicole and Christie after seeing the anger in their eyes.

Cliff then tried to enter the Head of Household room and was denied entry. Nicole also tried to enter the Head of Household room. When Analyse saw her walking up to the room, she threatened to go off on Nicole.

Like Cliff and David, she was denied entry. Michie slammed the door in her face. Nicole wondered what was happening. but nobody would tell her.

After everything said in the Gr8ful meeting, Bella suspected Nicole was the hinky vote. Nicole realized something sketchy was going on the Head of Household room. As a result, she felt stupid for sharing information with Bella.

Ovi Kabir then tried to get into the Head of Household room. Ovi explained in a diary room session, that when he saw Nicole get the door slammed in her face, it didn’t sit well with him as he experienced a lot of bullying growing up. He was denied entry into the room but told everyone in the room he didn’t think it was cool for them to lock Nicole out.

By the end of the Gr8ful meeting, Nick had his sights set on Nicole and was happy he talked it out. The nine in the Head of Household room formed an alliance called “Unde9able.” While happy about being part of Unde9able, Sam Smith was still unhappy about being left out of Gr8ful.

After the meeting, David Alexander confronted Jack Matthews and Christie about what they did to make Ovi upset. Ovi and Nicole overheard Christie and Jack’s response. When Ovi awkwardly entered the room, Christie and Jack immediately left but Ovi asked Jack to talk before he left.

Ovi asked Jack to talk and confronted him to see if everything was okay. Jack lied straight to his face saying everything was okay and there was a lot of awkward tension between them. Ovi felt Jack was very disrespectful because he felt Jack was trying to threaten and intimidate others with words.

Nicole entered the room and tried to ask Jack if she would find out anything about any conversations. Jack responded that she might and then left the room.

Nicole then talked with Bella with Tommy Bracco acting as a mediator. Nicole felt betrayed by Bella when Bella told the entire house what Nicole said. Bella claimed she spread the information because it didn’t make sense to her and it made her angry.

Bella explained she thought Nicole had lied about Analyse, Christie, and Holly calling Nick and Bella bullies. This made Nicole very upset with herself for trusting Bella and felt she should know better. Bella then laid into Nicole saying she had no trust in her and didn’t want to have this conversation again.

When Bella kept cutting Nicole off when she talked to Nicole, Tommy felt that maybe Nick and Bella were bullies. After Bella stormed out of the room, Tommy apologized to Nicole for what just happened.

Nicole then went to talked with Kathryn “Kat” Dunn and Jessica about what happened between her and Bella. She was upset with the way Bella had treated her and the names Bella had called her. Nicole then tried to apologize to Bella. However, the conversation didn’t end well and another confrontation ensued between Bella and Nicole.

Nick then entered the room and he laid into Nicole for allegedly lying to him about his allies and attacking his character. Nicole then called Bella out for being a liar.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10 marks the first time where the Gr8ful alliance’s true colors were shown on television. The only exception here is Michie who came out looking  relatively clean. Michie has been one of the worst on the live feeds.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10: Power of Veto competition

After all the drama, it was finally time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Nicole wanted her name to be drawn for the Power of Veto competition as she felt she was a potential backdoor target. Nick drew MIchie’s name, Cliff drew Kat’s name, and Jessica drew houseguest choice. She selected Christie as her houseguest choice pick.

Kat was ecstatic about being picked because she felt she would be good at comps going in but had bombed all of them so far. Jessica wanted to choose Nicole but ultimately chose Christie because she felt Nicole had ruffled too many feathers. Jessica did not want to risk her game to save Nicole’s. Nicole was disappointed with Jessica’s houseguest choice pick because Christie was part of the big alliance and they weren’t.

Houseguests were greeted in the backyard by Big Brother 20 alum Kaitlyn Herman. Kaitlyn was hosting the Power of Veto competition. Kaitlyn told a “ghost story” about her failure to complete the puzzle in her attempt to return to the game last year.

For the Power of Veto competition, players had to race out and find puzzle pieces. They then had to put together a puzzle of Kaitlyn. The first person to do this correctly, won the Power of Veto. Kat blew away the competition and won the Power of Veto. Nobody else even came close on the puzzle.

Christie felt safe that she would have to use her Panic Power this week. Kat was ecstatic about her win but felt conflicted about what to do with the Power of Veto. Kat liked Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica and didn’t want to see either leave.

Power of Veto competition fallout and last-minute scrambling

After the Power of Veto competition, Christie got a weird vibe from Nick that something was up. Nick was throwing suttle digs and little comments at Christie. The things Nick was saying were starting to freak Christie out and she felt Nick was trying to backdoor her.

Christie went to Kat and freaked out that she was going up as the replacement nominee. Kat was confused and had no idea what Christie was talking about. Analyse knew there was no way that Nick and Bella would put Christie on the block because of their alliance. Christie even considered using her Panic Power.

Big Brother 21 Episode 10: Power of Veto ceremony

Big Brother 21 Episode 10 concluded with the Power of Veto ceremony. In the end, Christie wisely decided not to use her Panic Power. At the Power of Veto ceremony, Kat used the Power of Veto to save Jessica. Nick named Nicole as the replacement nominee.

Christie was relieved she was not going on the block. Kat used the Power of Veto to save Jessica because Jessica is one of Kat’s best friends in the house. She was sad to see Cliff and Nicole on the block but knew she couldn’t save everyone.

Bella was very happy to see Nicole on the block and was looking forward to not having to see her again. Nicole was upset that she was on the block and felt like she didn’t know who to trust.

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Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 9 pm to see whether Nicole or Cliff will be evicted tonight and who returns from Camp Comeback!