Unbelievable and other Netflix shows and films about coerced confessions

Photo: Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix. Acquired via Netflix Media Center.
Photo: Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix. Acquired via Netflix Media Center. /
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Making a Murderer
Making A Murderer. Photo: Netflix /

Netflix has five shows and films in their arsenal about coerced confessions, including Unbelievable and When They See Us, and they’re all true stories.

Netflix has never had any shortage of shows, films and documentaries that profile the minds of murderers and even wrongful convictions and imprisonments. But then there’s its lesser-known crime-centered shows, the ones that talk about what happens prior to court proceedings. Netflix’s Unbelievable, When They See Us, The Confession Tapes and other shows touch on the heartbreaking truth behind the interrogation desk: coerced confessions.

Films such as Inside the Criminal Mind and Evil Genius focus on the minds of criminals and though The Kalief Browder Story and 13th center around racism within the justice system. But another part of crime that seems to be overlooked is when interrogators use and abuse the minds of young and traumatized suspects, all the while failing to catch the real killers.

Netflix has five main shows and movies that center around coerced confessions, showing what law enforcement is capable of when given free range in interrogations. But what’s equally haunting to the abuse of power is that the stories told in these series and documentaries are all true. These cases really happened.

So here is our list of Netflix’s five shows and films about coerced confessions, which are bound to make your blood boil.