Watch MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing episode 2 Brittney and Shay

MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing photo credit: MTV Communications
MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing photo credit: MTV Communications /

MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing is all new tonight! Join hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills as they try to reunite Brittney with her BFF. Here’s how to watch and all you need to know!

Ghosted rolled out an awkward and addicting series premiere last week with “Julia and Delmond.” Julia was ghosted by her best friend Delmond just when Julia needed him most. It all suspiciously took place around the time Julia broke things off with her ex-boyfriend. Rachel and Travis got to the bottom of it! It was stressing to watch, but impossible to turn away.

Were you instantly hooked by Ghosted? We sure were! Now that MTV’s Catfish is over (for now), we’ve found our new reality must-watch in Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. What can we expect tonight?

Check out tune-in details and a preview from MTV, below! Also, after watching the teaser, don’t forget to place your bets! In the end, will Brittney and Shay make-up or ghost? As you watch the episode, be sure to also try to guess why Shay, Brittney’s former “ride or die,” ghosted her!

Brittney is visibly torn and misses her best friend Shay. Why would Shay just ghost, move out and never reach out to Brittney again? Trust no one here! Not until we know more information. Because, if we learned anything from Catfish, is that everyone has secrets. For all we know, Brittney isn’t being completely honest here.

Do you think there’s more to the story than we know? We’ll have to tune in tonight to see!

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Ready to watch? Here are all the details you need to know: 

Date: Tuesday, Sept. 17
Start Time: 9/8 p.m. Central
Episode: Season 1, Episode 2 “Brittney and Shay”
TV network: MTV
Where to watch: Watch on Hulu | MTV online | Sling | More