Where can you stream Countdown movie?

Photo: Elizabeth Lail stars in COUNTDOWN.. Image Courtesy of STXfilms
Photo: Elizabeth Lail stars in COUNTDOWN.. Image Courtesy of STXfilms /

Countdown is now playing in theaters everywhere and spooking all audiences. Where can you stream the movie once it leaves the big screen?

As silly (and tired) as the premise for Countdown may seem, it does it’s job scaring audiences and giving them a few laughs. And isn’t entertainment what we want from all the movies we watch? If you haven’t seen Countdown in theaters, we recommend it this Halloween season as a good time. Just don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the crazy ride the movie will take you in.

Still, if you would rather wait for the movie to go to streaming so you can watch it at the comfort of your own home, we can’t say we blame you! Not only are movie ticket prices so insane lately, but sometimes it’s just better to curl up on the couch with a movie. Or, perhaps, you’re on this page because you’d like to watch the movie again, just not in theaters.

Either way, we’ve done our research to give you the best answer for when Countdown is coming to a streaming service near you!

Countdown is distributed by STX Entertainment, and that company is not known for sending its movies to Netflix. So if the streaming giant was your first guess (and wish), I’m sorry to say those chances are unlikely. Instead, our best bet is to find the movie on Showtime or Hulu.

STX Entertainment has also distributed I Feel Pretty and Mile 22, just to name a couple, and both of these movies are currently available on Showtime and through Hulu’s Showtime extension. If you were hoping to watch Countdown as soon as it goes to streaming, which could be as early as February (it takes about 3-5 months after the movie’s premiere date), start thinking about adding Showtime to your Hulu plan.

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By doing this, you won’t only unlock all movies currently available, but series and upcoming content, too! Best of all, you can begin this journey with a free trial.

Will you be streaming Countdown?