Noelle on Disney Plus raises an important question

Disney’s NOELLE Noelle (Anna Kendrick) Photo: Film Frame © Disney 2019
Disney’s NOELLE Noelle (Anna Kendrick) Photo: Film Frame © Disney 2019 /

Disney Plus is now live! With the holiday season in full swing, Noelle is the first movie we rushed to watch, and it raises a very important question.

Spoiler alert! Please note there are spoilers ahead if you have not watched the Christmas movie Noelle on Disney Plus! Watch it first and feel jolly before reading ahead.

Disney Plus has arrived and, despite launching at all hours of the morning and day, fans rushed to watch all the movies and TV shows they have long been waiting for. Like any other launch, there were some difficulties with connecting to the service. I was expecting a few issues, this is Disney we’re talking about, it’s one of the biggest launches of the year. Still, for such a major launch, the loading issue wasn’t bad at all.

Noelle is my first pick and even though everyone is hating on it, I personally loved this modern Santa story! It brings to light true family values and reminds everyone about what the Christmas spirit is all about. If you think this is cliche or a tired tale, you clearly just aren’t into the holidays at all, because this is pretty much all Christmas movies.

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Disney’s NOELLE Nick (Bill Hader) Photo: Film Frame © Disney 2019
Disney’s NOELLE Nick (Bill Hader) Photo: Film Frame © Disney 2019 /

I won’t sugarcoat it, though, I agree that Noelle is not as entertaining or fun as other Christmas movies such as Elf, A Christmas Story, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but Noelle has its charm! The movie stars Anna Kendrick as Noelle and Bill Hader as Nick, Noelle’s brother and next in line to be Santa. Final spoiler warning!

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When Satan passes away, it’s Nick’s turn to wear the hat! The thing is…he doesn’t want to. In fact, he doesn’t care to follow in his father’s shoes at all. The one full of Christmas spirit is Noelle. But there’s no such thing as a woman Santa…is there? Could there? Should there be?

Now, I’m all for women being and doing as they please, just as men do, but I’m not sure what to think about this one.

Sure, there isn’t a written rule that states Santa has to be a man, but that’s because the stories of Santa all date back to him being a man. Personally, I like it this way. Santa has always been a great fatherly figure to children. I think it all comes down to what we each grow up with, and all we know is the fat and jolly Santa. This is likely not for our generation to decide, though. Who knows what’s to come?

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One thing I did appreciate about this idea, is that Noelle is never pushy about it. They do all exclaim how “Santa isn’t a girl” and how Noelle fears she’ll be rejected for not looking like the traditional Santa, but they don’t break out in political or feminist speeches. Instead, Noelle simply explains how traditions change and it might be scary sometimes, but that’s okay.

Noelle is now streaming on Disney Plus.