Disney Plus: 5 underrated shows that should be added

Toy Story 4 movie via WD press
Toy Story 4 movie via WD press /
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5. Aladdin

First up on my list is arguably the most surprising one. At first, it seemed like Disney+ was going to add all of the ‘90s-’00s series based on their movies. Despite adding both the Hercules series and The Little Mermaid, the streaming service has yet to add Aladdin. With Aladdin coming out between the two, it really doesn’t make sense.

What’s Aladdin about?: If you’ve never watched the series, the show is basically a continuation of the Aladdin film. As noted by Wikipedia, “the series takes place after the film’s sequel, Return of Jafar.” Since that hasn’t been added yet, that could be part of the reason why.

However, the series takes place a year after the original film and is basically the adventures that Aladdin gets into with occasional appearances from other characters such as Jasmine, Genie, and Abu. It was a decent series albeit not their best-animated series. It wrapped up after three seasons and 86 episodes.

Will Aladdin be added to Disney+ eventually?: To wrap up each of these slides, I’ll talk about if the show will eventually be added to Disney+. As for Aladdin, I have no doubt that Disney will eventually add it. With the hype around the live-action Aladdin, they’ll want to milk it as much as they can. With that being said, they’ll need to add the sequels too so that fans can be completely caught up.