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SUPERSTORE -- "Toy Drive" Episode 508 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra, Chris Grace as Jerry -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
SUPERSTORE -- "Toy Drive" Episode 508 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra, Chris Grace as Jerry -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC) /

In the latest episode of Superstore, Amy and Jonah assist Mateo with a charity toy drive for his immigration hearing and clash with guest star Fred Armisen.

Another Saturday Night Live alumni drops by Superstore in the latest episode, as Fred Armisen competes with Amy, Jonah, and Mateo during a charity toy drive. Amy and Jonah help Mateo with the toy drive to boost his chances of looking good at his immigration hearing. However, the holiday spirit is most certainly not in the air when a competing charity representative (guest star Fred Armisen) ignites a clash of the toy drives. Let’s hope they leave this bit out at Mateo’s hearing.

Elsewhere in the latest episode of Superstore, wedding bells are ringing for Sandra and Jerry, and even though Carol nearly sabotage the occasion last week, they’re running full steam ahead on their big day. They ask Glenn to officiate the ceremony, which Dina rejects. Surely, she has her reasons whether they’re logical or simply personal. The reality checks keep coming as Cheyenne gives the unfiltered truth to Garrett about his relationship with Colleen.

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How do Amy, Jonah, and Mateo end up in the crosshairs of Fred Armisen’s competing charity representative? Why is there competition at all when it comes to charity? Doesn’t everyone win at the end of the day? Does the feud ruin Mateo’s attempt at a good deed?

Why doesn’t Dina want Glenn to officiate Sandra and Jerry’s wedding? Does it have something to do with her role as maid of honor, or her own relationship with Glenn? What does Cheyenne have to say about Garrett’s relationship with Colleen? Are they headed for a breakup?

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Don’t miss the latest episode this Thursday to find out. Until then, watch a hilarious highlight of what went down at Cloud 9 in last week’s episode of Superstore in the video below!

Curious as to what we can expect from the newest episode of Superstore? Check out the official synopsis of “Toy Drive” via NBC:

"Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive to make him look good for his immigration hearing, but they clash with a competing charity rep (Fred Armisen). Sandra and Jerry ask Glenn to officiate their wedding despite Dina’s protests. Cheyenne gets real with Garrett about his relationship with Colleen."

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When? Thursday, Nov. 14
What time? 8 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 5, Episode 8, “Toy Drive”
Where? NBC
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