Ranking the Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests: No. 20

Julie Chen posts a new Big Brother photo to spur interest, creates humor. (Julie Chen Moonves Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Julie Chen posts a new Big Brother photo to spur interest, creates humor. (Julie Chen Moonves Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

In light of Celebrity Big Brother being left off CBS’ schedule, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane. We are going to be ranking all Celebrity Big Brother houseguests from 23 to 1. Today we will take a look at #20: Metta World Peace.

When CBS released their midseason schedule, there was a notable absence from it: Celebrity Big Brother. This has led to speculation that the series has been cancelled. It really is a shame because it provided fans some entertainment in the black hole known as the Big Brother offseason. So with this in mind, we decided to rank the houseguests from 23 to 1. Checking in at No. 20 on our list is Metta World Peace from Season 1.

No. 20: Metta World Peace

During his time on Celebrity Big Brother 1, Metta World Peace was known for his colorful personality, total lack of Big Brother knowledge, and unfortunately quitting the game.

Very early in the game, even before Keshia Knight Pulliam, Metta wanted out. He asked HOH Shannon Elizabeth to nominate him for eviction. However, she chose not to do so as she had bigger targets in mind. Metta also tried to push the escape button twice in an attempt to quit the game. However, he was talked out of quitting by production.

In week 1, Metta’s lack of Big Brother knowledge showed itself. On eviction night, Chuck Liddell and James Maslow were nominated for eviction. He intended to vote James out. However, he thought you were supposed to say the name of the person you wanted to save. As a result, he said “I vote Chuck.” This was counted as a vote against Chuck instead of James. Chuck was evicted 7-1.

In week 2’s double eviction, he remained safe during both ends of the eviction. He also voted correctly both times, voting to evict Keshia and Shannon during the evictions.

In week 3, Omarosa Manigault nominated Brandi Glanville and Ross Matthews for eviction. However, Ross won the VIP Veto to save himself. The VIP Veto would allow Ross to use it twice if he wished. Omarosa’s plans were put on hold as Metta once again wanted out. This time, his wishes were honored as Omarosa chose to nominate Metta for eviction. At the live eviction, Metta was evicted 5-0. On finale night, Metta voted for Ross to win.

He checks in at No. 20 because even though he quit, he made it past a few votes and had some redeeming qualities about him. His lack of game knowledge actually proved to be quite entertaining. He also had a quirky personality that endeared him to not only viewers, but his fellow housemates. It isn’t hard to think that If he hadn’t quit the game, he could’ve won it all.

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