5 good Netflix shows to watch on Thanksgiving

Photo credit: Netflix, acquired from Netflix press site
Photo credit: Netflix, acquired from Netflix press site /
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Thanksgiving is a great day to sit back and watch some amazing shows on Netflix with your family. Here are the five best shows to watch on Netflix for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that means. The perfect time to watch some new/old movies and shows on Netflix with the family. But for now, let’s focus on shows on Netflix that the family can watch together or shows to watch by yourself away from your family.

The best thing about Netflix besides no commercials is the fact that viewers have the opportunity to stream original shows made by Netflix. Netflix has created shows that features unique storytelling that makes us think as humans, may trigger us at times, and put a smile on faces. There have been many amazing shows that have launched this year on Netflix.

Each year, I feel Netflix goes above and beyond to create shows that appeal to every race and make us relate to each other in more ways than one. Since Thanksgiving is next week, it is only right to share the best shows to watch while stuffing your face with dressing.

The shows on this list range from adult to kid-friendly, there is nothing wrong with still watching animated/kids shows. Here are the five shows to watch on Thanksgiving.