Servant on Apple TV: Rupert Grint is a stand-out in psychological thriller

Servant -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Servant -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Servant is a series on Apple TV+ that’s as creepy as they come! But what stands out most in the psychological thriller is Rupert Grint.

When Apple announced Apple TV+, the series highlighted and put front and center was The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Servant did not make its debut until a few days after the big streaming service’s launch. And, if we’re being honest, it has completely stole the show.

This isn’t to say The Morning Show isn’t captivating or fun, it’s both of these and more, but Servant gives you something to talk about (and speculate) long after an episode is over. While The Morning Show features drama and brilliant performances, it’s pretty straightforward. Audiences are loving the intense events, but we’re not exactly on our toes as we watch. And we definitely don’t lose any sleep over it.

Servant, on the other hand, gives us a little extra. We don’t know what to expect and a new mystery keeps surprising us at every turn. Still, it doesn’t provide many answers, which is what makes it so unique. After an episode, viewers are left speculating about what just happened and come up with theories with other fans long after a new chapter is over.

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There’s one big gem in Servant that’s a major help, and that’s Rupert Grint, who stars as Julian, Dorothy’s (Lauren Ambrose) brother and Sean’s (Toby Kebbell) brother-in-law. While Dorothy and Sean keep the mystery coming, it’s only when Julian appears that we are pulled out of the drama for a few seconds and have a laugh.

Dorothy is seriously messed up and doesn’t live in the real world, but the same can be said for Sean. For starters, we’re not even sure what’s up with Sean’s strange taste buds and splinters. But I’m sure there’s more to Sean than we know. Julian, however, is the only one who has a grasp of the real world.

When Julian steps on screen, we forget about the chills and the screen just lightens up. He’s fun, he’s real, and he is more than comic relief. Julian does still have some secrets he’s keeping from us, though, especially between him and Sean, yet he is the most enjoyable to watch.

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What do you love most about the psychological thriller? Is Rupert Grint’s character your favorite as well?

Servant premieres new episodes each Friday only on Apple TV+.