25 Days of Dean-mas Day 22: Times Dean was a badass

Dean Winchester has had some spectacular moments taking down the villains, human and monster. Here are the seven times he was a badass on Supernatural.

Dean has had some excellent moments throughout Supernatural. He’s been one of the strongest characters, killing the most big bads along the way. Some moments certainly stand out more than others when it comes to his most badass.

For Day 22 of the 25 Days of Dean-mas, we’re breaking down the top seven badass moments from the elder Winchester brother. See if you agree.

7. Killing the Mother of All Evil

Dean didn’t go for a conventional way of dealing with this monster. Unlike most others, there wasn’t the big fight in the end. For some that would have been anti-climactic, but it was smart. It showed that Dean was a step ahead, knowing that any plan for a big fight could fail.

Instead, he drank the phoenix ash and managed to get the Mother of All Evil to bite him. She was infected with the phoenix ash and killed.

6. Dealing with the Steins

During Supernatural Season 10, we met the Steins. As in Frankensteins. They were after the Book of the Damned and were responsible for Charlie’s death.

Dean got his badass moment when he was strapped to a table, about to be operated on. He managed to take down the entire family. Sadly, the Mark of Cain pushed him over the edge when it came to the Stein wanted nothing to do with his family, but everything up to that point was awesome!

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 18

Supernatural — “Point of No Return”– Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR

5. Killing Zachariah

We’ll jump to Season 5 when the angels were trying to get Dean and then Adam to say yes to Michael. Zachariah kidnapped the Winchesters and Adam, and he made it clear to Dean that he would torture Sam and Adam until Dean agreed.

Well, Dean eventually agreed and asked for Michael to be sent down. However, it was a trick. Angel blade in hand, Dean stabbed Zachariah and that was the end of that angel. Sadly, not the end of the Michael situation.

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4. Blowing up the bunker

Not all badass moments involve the death of a monster. Sometimes, they involve Dean being willing to do something nobody else would.

When trapped in the Men of Letters bunker’s basement and running out of air, Dean had to do anything to get them through the concrete that could lead them to freedom. And so he did. He literally got a grenade launcher and fired it at the concrete wall.

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3. Killing Lucifer

During the Supernatural Season 13 finale, Dean said yes to Apocalypse Michael. There was a deal in place and it was purely to help Sam and Jack. That led to a fight between Dean and Lucifer, and yes, our elder Winchester brother fought to Lucifer’s death.

It was all Dean, too. Michael was helping to power up Dean’s stab to the side, but it was Dean in control.

“All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two” –Jensen Ackles stars as Dean in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo Michael Courtney/The CW
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2. The time in the woods with the secret service

Another moment that isn’t to do with killing a monster is from Season 12. Dean and Sam were arrested for trying to kill the president, a president who was possessed by Lucifer, I’ll add. Anyway, thanks to a deal with Billie, the Winchesters got free.

That led to the secret service threatening the Winchesters if they caught up to them in the woods. Dean retorts over the radio that it’s not the Winchesters who should be scared. And yes, we got chills.

1. Killing Azazel

Finally, we have to go all the way back to the second season. After two seasons of chasing Azazel, the Winchesters finally got a real chance to take him down. It looked like it would be for nothing thanks to demon powers, but it was John Winchester to the rescue.

John’s spirit crawled out of Hell and took hold of the demon. It was long enough for Dean to get free of the demonic powers and then grab the Colt. Just as the demon got back into his meatsuit, Dean fired the last bullet in the Colt. Azazel was no more.

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Which moments stand out the most for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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