My Hero Academia: Winners & Losers of Episode 73

Photo: My Hero Academia.. Credit: Funimation
Photo: My Hero Academia.. Credit: Funimation /

This week’s episode was a weird one, featuring lots of characters including the return of the League of Villains. Here are the winners and losers of My Hero Academia episode 73.

Don’t you just love Saturdays? Saturdays are the peak of the weekend and some would say they are, indeed, made for dads. But even more importantly, they are the day in which we receive another episode of the glorious My Hero Academia.

While this week’s episode was, admittedly, a little subpar, it still gave us some snippets of cool moments to be happy about. As per usual, let’s break those moments down!


Kendo Rappa

Despite being thwarted by Kirishima and blasted into a wall by Fat Gum in Episode 72, Rappa somehow felt compelled to keep fighting. The episode actually gave us some background into who we thought was your typical raging-maniac type of bad guy.

While he’s still, in a lot of ways, the raging-maniac type, you have to respect that Rappa is basically just in this for the thrill of battle. He even gives Kirishima props by calling him a man, instead of referring to him as some helpless kid in the last episode. Crazy bad guys who, after losing, give compliments to the good guys are, in my book, deserving of mention.

Kai Chisaki / Overhaul

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The big bad leader of the Shie Hassaikai (the Yakuza organization the heroes are combatting against) hasn’t garnered much attention from this column of mine, but do not mistake that absence as a sign of dissent. In fact, Overhaul has been the perfect kind of mysterious, intimidating, and conniving villain My Hero Academia has been so good at producing.

But more importantly, the show has treated him like a mythical creature—a villain so powerful that, even though we’ve seen him kill people literally by just making physical contact with them, still hasn’t been fully exposed. I love this, and Episode 73 makes a small revelation that Rappa (you know, the dude who is impossibly strong), before he’d joined the organization, was killed by Overhaul multiple times.

Not just beaten, but killed, which suggests his quirk gives him the ability to put people back together. That’s, like, supremely terrifying, and it seems like Overhaul’s quirk, based on what has been shown thus far, essentially gives him the ability to manipulate matter. Let’s just say I fear for our boys, Mirio and Midoriya, inevitably meeting up with this guy again.

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Himiko Toga

Speaking of intimidating, Episode 73 saw the return of the sadistic Toga. She seems like, the more and more My Hero Academia progresses, one of the most dangerous villains in the show. She’s psychotic, yes, but her transformation quirk was once again on display along with her remarkably athletic prowess, easily taking down Rock Lock (who we’ll get to later) and injuring Eraser Head.  That’s one heck of a way to make your re-entrance.

But seriously, she’s creepy. Also, the internet fandom the community (which I try my best to steer away from) is creepy, too.

Mirai Sasaki / Sir Nighteye

While we’ve gotten plenty of time getting to know Nighteye and his quirk, the newest episode showed us the first instance of him actually partaking in real combat. It turns out that, well, Nighteye is a bit of a beast. It makes sense, given that he’s used his foresight powers so much and effectively understands how people fight, but I didn’t expect him to take down a clone of Rappa in an instant.

Good job by you, Sir!

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Kendo Rappa

I praised him, but now I must also roast him. He literally reveals that he was killed by Overhaul five times. Plus, the clone of him gets taken down by Nighteye easily.

Jin Bubaigawara/Twice

I love twice; I really do. He’s basically the Deadpool of My Hero Academia in terms of personality, but that doesn’t mean I can’t roast him. The guy literally starts having a mental breakdown after a section of his mask gets torn off.

I understand why (he’s afraid that if he isn’t covered up he’ll split in two), but I’m also a firm believer that if you talk a lot of smack you’re begging to be put in your place. That’s, like, how karma works and stuff. Sorry Twice!

Ken Tagaki/Rock Lock

Let’s be honest, Rock Lock kind of had this coming. Earlier in the season, he belittled Midoriya and Mirio for not having stopped Overhaul when they first came across him (which, based on what we know about Overhaul, might not have gone great!), and now he gets shanked by Toga. He’s like the Baker Mayfield of Season 4 so far: talking a big game, but not quite back it up. I’m still pulling for him though!

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Overall, a weird episode but a fun one to write about! Remember, new episodes of My Hero Academia release every Saturday on Funimation and Crunchyroll, with absurd recaps by yours truly accompanying each one. And based on the preview, I think we’re in for a good one next week.

My Hero Academia airs next Saturday on Funimation and Crunchroll.