Supernatural Season 7, Episode 16 recap: The case of the cursed dance shoes

Dean and Sam head out on a case involving cursed dance shoes in Supernatural Season 7, Episode 16. Here’s a look back at the events that happened.

We’re back with the throwback recaps, getting a reminder of some of the great (and some not so great) episodes of Supernatural of the past. Season 7, Episode 16, titled “Out with the Old,” brought a case of cursed ballet shoes. Are you ready to delve into the events of the episode?

Nothing about Dick

Dean is solely focused on the Leviathans at this point, concerned about the numbers Bobby left behind. However, Frank still has nothing to share. All he does offer is news that there’s a new Biggerson’s in Butte, Montana.

Understandably, Dean is frustrated. Meanwhile, Sam is suffering from the hallucinations of Lucifer, meaning he can’t sleep. During the last episode, he spoke to Hallucifer and that let the guy back into his head. Of course, Sam isn’t opening up about Hallucifer at this point. Remember the past when Sam and Dean shared very little with each other?

The two head off on a case that involves a dancer literally dancing herself to death. There has to be a monster, right? When you look at the crime scene photos, that seems to be the case. The dancer’s feet were blown off but there’s nothing wrong with the dance shoes.

So, where are the dance shoes now? The police officer things his daughter, Travy, has taken them. Sure enough, she has. The Winchesters get to her just as she puts the ballet shoes on and she’s forced to her feet. She can’t stop spinning around in circles, but the Winchesters grab her and Dean manages to force the shoes off.

It has to be a case of cursed shoes. And to make matters worse, the dance shoes are now about Dean’s size and he has an urge to put them on.

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Getting to the bottom of the case

The brothers head to a shop, Out with the Old, which is where the dance shoes were originally bought from. The shopkeeper shares that they were his mother’s and she kept them in a special box. Well, that box was a curse box.

Sam gets the shoes back in the box before Dean has the chance to put them on. Now it’s time to find out where the shoes actually came from.

The shopkeeper doesn’t know. What he does know is that there are a lot of other boxes like the one with the shoes. His mother had been collecting the cursed items and storing them away safely. Unfortunately, she passed away and nobody knew about them, so the shopkeeper opened everything up and sold them all on.

“Out With The Old” – (l-r): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
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Getting the items back

The Winchesters need to get the cursed items back and put in their curse boxes. It takes time, but they are able to find some of the items just before people are killed because of them.

Once the items are back, the Winchesters learn that just before the mother died in a car accident, she sold the shop to a pushy real estate agent. The shopkeeper also pushed his mother to sell the shop, which wasn’t something she wanted to do.

Suspicious? Dean thinks so, especially when he sees the real estate agent’s sign in the windows of almost every small shop. Dean wants to do some research.

Meanwhile, Mr. Marshall gets a visit from the push real estate agent. Mr. Marshall doesn’t want to sell his hardware shop, so the real estate agent kills Mr. Marshall and takes his form. The real estate agent is a Leviathan, and that agent’s assistant is concerned because they’re drawing attention to themselves. Dick doesn’t like that.

Later, George spots Sam and knows exactly who that is. It’s clear that they’ve drawn too much attention to themselves with the hunters onto them. However, the real estate agent thinks this is the perfect time to eat the Winchesters. They use the shopkeeper from Out with the Old to lure the Winchesters in, who learn from Frank that Dick Roman is behind the real estate agency.

When the Winchesters get to the store, the fight breaks out. However, the assistant helps Sam kill him. It confuses Sam, but he’s not one to argue and helps get rid of the real estate agent. The assistant shares that he was fed up of cleaning up the mess left behind. After that, he tells the Winchesters that he doesn’t know about anything in Wisconsin but does know Dick is going to build a research center in Portland to help cure cancer.

Confused, the Winchesters take the cursed objects and head back to Frank with the information. However, Frank isn’t there. When they see Frank’s equipment damage and blood splattered everywhere, the brothers (and we) assume the worst.

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