10 biggest TV plot twists in 2019 we’re still not over

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2. Game of Thrones: Jon Snow killing Daenerys

Another Game of Thrones moment has to make the list. While it didn’t make the list of the most shocking deaths, it is one of the biggest TV plot twists. Did anyone really see Jon Snow would kill Daenerys? After all, our biggest theories were that the two would stake a joint claim to the Iron Throne, right?

Instead, Jon realized that Dany would just cause more pain and destruction. He killed Dany with a dagger to the heart. If you didn’t shed a small tear at Drogon’s attempts to wake his mom up, you might want to check that your heart isn’t made of stone.

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1. Russian Doll: Two different timelines

Russian Doll was one of the most refreshing, real TV shows of 2019. It was one of Netflix’s great releases, delivering with humor and drama at the same time. And we thought the biggest twist was going to be Nadia find out that Alan was going through the time loop with her. Hey, maybe finding out that people were disappearing and they only had a limited amount of time loops was the big one.

Nope, the biggest plot twist was the very end of the season finale. Nadia and Alan found a way to break the loop before it was too late. Instead of finding each other, they’ve ended up in different time loops. Alan is where Nadia was in the beginning and vice versa. Season 2 has a lot of questions to answer.

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What were the biggest TV plot twists for you in 2019? Which moments made you scream at the TV in shock? Share your thoughts in the comments below.