Supernatural: Why Eileen is so perfect for Sam Winchester

With Eileen back on Supernatural Season 15, it opens the door for a relationship with Sam Winchester. She’s perfect for him, and here’s why.

One thing Supernatural has never done is give a long-term love interest for either Sam or Dean Winchester, except for Amelia and Lisa. It makes sense for a variety of reasons, but one of those is that they’ve tried to do the normal life and it’s never taken off. On top of that, it’s hard to bring someone else into the life of a hunter.

And this is where Eileen comes in. With her return during the final season, the door is open for her and Sam to be together. I know there are many fans out there excited about that idea, and that’s because Eileen is perfect for our young Sammy.

Not too sure about the relationship just yet? Here’s why the two should end up together.

She understands the life

One of the biggest problems with any relationship the Winchesters have tried to start is the hunter life. It’s impossible to get into a relationship with a non-hunter without pulling them into it. That means they need to find another hunter.

This is where Eileen immediately stands out. She’s been raised as a hunter, although she’s also a Legacy like the Winchesters. Eileen understands the life of a hunter, knowing the danger but also knowing that saving innocents will always come first.

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Dean likes her

When we’re close to our siblings, we care about what they think about the men or women we date. It really is that simple. We respect their thoughts, listen to their grievances, and love when they support our decisions. With how close Sam and Dean are, they need to be happy with anyone the two choose as long-term partners.

Dean already likes Eileen. In fact, he’s been pushing Sam to take the relationship with Eileen to the next step. Dean wants his brother to be happy and knows that this is the way to achieve that. There’s no need to worry about a big brother acting too overprotective or scaring the girl away.


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She pushes Sam to be even better than he already is

Sam is already a sweetheart. He thinks about other people’s feelings and wants to help them. He tries to be as inclusive as possible. When he’s not, we know that he’s going through something deep down.

Eileen pushes him to be even better than he already is. While he’d taken ASL in school, he picked it back up again after Eileen’s death. He wants to be able to communicate with her through sign instead of forcing her to read his lips. I love it!

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Eileen doesn’t need protecting

It’s a little annoying when a woman ends up being the damsel in distress. That’s not going to be the case with Eileen. At least, not all the time.

Eileen knows how to hunt. She knows how to protect herself from various monsters and demons, and how to kill them. On top of that, she’s protective and will kill if necessary. Yet, she also knows when not to do something alone. She’s not afraid to take backup, and it takes a strong person to admit they need help.

They work well together

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen that Sam and Eileen work well together. Even before her death in Supernatural Season 12, we saw how much Eileen and Sam could fall into a routine with each other, trusting each other’s moves. That’s happening even more now that she’s back.

And this relationship is still in its early stages. Imagine what it will be like years into the future—and I want to believe that because I don’t want either Winchester brother or Eileen to die.

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What do you think of Sam and Eileen together? Why is Eileen the perfect partner for Sammy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural Season 15 returns on Jan. 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

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