68 Whiskey: Exclusive clip from Daddy Issues teases trouble on the horizon

68 WHISKEY on Paramount Network, photo courtesy Paramount Network
68 WHISKEY on Paramount Network, photo courtesy Paramount Network /

An exclusive from the upcoming episode of Paramount’s 68 Whiskey teases the growing friendship between Private Anthony Petrocelli and a goat. Though, some hurdles are fast approaching.

If the military comedy-drama were to have a mascot, it would be Petrocelli’s goat at this point. The first two episodes of 68 Whiskey introduces us to the newest member of the team and he appears to have earned Colonel Austin’s approval.

In an exclusive clip from episode 3, titled “Daddy Issues,” we see Private Petrocelli (Nicholas Coombe) returning to base with his new goat in tow. The problem is that the guards at the front gate assume Petrocelli is carrying a goat-bomb with him. He’s refused entry until Col. Austin arrives.

The Colonel’s arrival is fortunate, because mercenaries from Sec Corp arrive looking to extract some fingers from the goat’s stomach arrive. Boz bit Sasquatch’s comrade in episode 2, taking several fingers with him during the altercation. Missing Fingers (Stephen Murphy) comes close to getting his revenge, but he’s stopped when Austin (Lamont Thompson) arrives on the scene.

Sasquatch (Derek Theler) continues to object and express his interest in killing the goat, but the Colonel allows Petrocelli’s new friend to remain on the base…for the time being. Of course, we can see the situation heading south rather quickly.

With Sasquatch and Missing Fingers out to gut the goat, this puts both Petrocelli and his pet in grave danger. The mercenaries don’t operate within the confines of the United States military, and they’d likely do away with Petrocelli if he were to stand in their way. That being said, Petrocelli is going to be on the defensive in “Daddy Issues”.

While it’s still early to tell, the teaser appears to hint a confrontation between Missing Fingers and Petrocelli approaching. The young private has become close to the animal so he’ll presumably defend the animal, despite not having the physical capability or combat training needed to do so. Petrocelli could always ask Roback (Sam Keeley) and Davis (Jeremy Tardy) for help, but after he snitched on them, I’m not sure they’d be too eager to lend their assistance.

On the other hand, Roback continues to prove that he’s a good guy with every passing episode. Underneath all the bravado, Roback has shown that he’s willing to help out when necessary. A good example being his marrying of Alvarez (Christina Rodlo) so she’s allowed to remain enlisted in the army.

Were Petrocelli to come under attack by Sec Corp, Roback would likely intervene then as well. He also has unfinished business with the Sasquatch to take care of, so Roback has even more reason to come to Petrocelli’s defense.

In any case, Private Petrocelli and his goat will have to resolve their issues with Missing Fingers at some point. They can’t hide forever and it would only take the mercenary a second to end the poor animal’s life. Let’s just hope the situation doesn’t come to that grim conclusion.

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68 Whiskey airs Wednesdays on the Paramount Network.